Sunday, May 30, 2010

Something New

Start of the week again and I just had to share this new stuff I learned today. Pretty neat huh? If you want to have some on your blog please drop by Jessica Hische is amazing!

On Being a Mom

This is a belated Mother's Day post. I couldn't help but post it as it has moved me in ways I could not even begin to tell you.

You see motherhood has taught me soooo many things. Flexibility, I thought my heart was only capable of loving one but magically my heart can love many and have room for more. It has taught me patience as you may all well know. It has taught me how to use my strength well and much much more. Loving is the most important lesson of all. Read on.

The Girl I Used to Be
Author Unknown

She came tonight as I sat alone,
the girl I used to be,
And she gazed at me with her earnest eyes,
and questioned reproachfully,

Have you forgotten the many plans,
and hopes I had for you?
The great career,
the splendid fame,
all the wonderful things to do?

Where is the mansion of stately height,
with all of its gardens rare?
The silken robes that I dreamed for you,
and the shining jewels in your hair?

And as she spoke,
I was very sad,
for I wanted her pleased with me,
This slender girl from the shadowy past,
the girl I used to be.

So gently rising,
I took her hand and guided her up the stairs,
Where peacefully sleeping,
my babies lay, innocent, sweet and fair,

And I told her that these are my only gems,
and precious they are to me,
That silken robe is my motherhood,
of costly simplicity,

And my mansion of stately height is love,
and the only career I know,
Is serving each day in these sheltered walls,
for the dear ones who come and go,

And as I spoke to my shadowy guest,
she smiled through her tears at me,
And I saw the woman that I am now,
pleased the girl that I used to be!

Not too late I realized that I could still be more that I can be. For mothers after all are capable of so many things. Mixing family and career is hard but with the love and support of my family I realized I can and still could be more than just me.

I could still reach the stars if I wanted to, go to the places I've dreamed of. Becoming a mother makes the experience all the more exhilirating because now the pleasure is not just mine to experience; now I can share it with my precious gems, my family.

Be true to yourself and be proud that you are mothers!