Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket The witching hour is near...wanna hear a spooky tale? My friend Shelly just indulged me with a hair-raising story called A Ghost Tale from Texas .

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catching Up

I have been a little out of the circulation lately. My excuse? Well, work has been really hectic, halloween preparations were underway at the office as the company hosted a Halloween Party for the employee's kids for a Trick or Treat, some lose ends to fix and the on-going renovation of our bedroom....Arrrggghhh! and now I caught the flu again. And I was sooo looking forward to the weekend to clean house. Now I'm stuck in bed and sleeping every chance I get.I guess my body is telling me to keep things slow. I am only forced to listen.

I have a lot of things to catch up on, memes and awards to post. I am thankful that the people who gave them to me are very patient and understanding. So let me start with a very nice e-mail I received last week.

What have we learnt from the story of Noah’s Ark?

Don’t miss the boat
Remember we are on the same boat
We need good planning.
Noah’s ark was built before the heavy rain came.

Stay in good health you’ll still be needed for major venture even if you’re 60.
Don’t be bothered by criticism, focus on what needs to be completed.
Build your future in high places.

For safety’s sake, travel in pairs.
Speed is never the most important thing,
snail and the leopard end up on the same boat.

When you feel uptight, relax a little.
Remember, the ark was built by layman,
Titanic was built by specialists.

No matter how bad the weather outside is,
if you walk with GOD,
the rainbow is just ahead of you.

Here are some of my friends footprints:

My good friend Annita has graced me with these two wonderful awards.

I am passing on this award to six women who rocks my world and the blogosphere as well. Here they are in alphabetical order:

Sweet Girl

The creator of this award,Christy of Totally Faboulous says the award is for “bloggers who are fun, cool, and of course Totally Fabulous!” There are many many fabulous blogs created by fabulous people. But for now, here is the list of fellow bloggers that I would love to pass along this award to.


Another award was given to me by my very artistic friend Rajeev .And now I am passing on this award to others. Guys your sites have hatched.


And last but not the least my friend Colin awarded me with this sweet Halloween treat. And now I am passing them on to other sweet people I met.

Firefly Wings
Mad Goad Lady
Sweet Girl

There are so many people who come and go in your life.
Only friends will leave their footprints in your heart.

Thank you all for the awards and Congratulations!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bomb Blast in Makati

For the latest Philippine news stories and videos, visit GMANews.TV

The video shown above is an amateur video taken by one of the people who got caught in the blasts.

Yesterday a terrible blast hits a mall two blocks away from where I work. At first when we heard the news 10 minutes after it happened we thought it was a hoax. But then my family started calling and asking me if I was okay, that's when we all knew that it was true. To think I actually thought of having lunch there yesterday with my friends sent shudders down my spine.

The police says they cannot conclude if it was a terrorist bombing yet. Whatever caused it makes no difference now, there were people who died and people who got injured. As of this writing there have been 9 people reported dead and more than 100 people wounded, some even in critical condition. I could not help but think that victim counts were not simply numbers. These are important people. They are most probably daughters, sons, mothers, fathers, friends, wives and husbands too and their families are all grieving because of this unfortunate event.

Today I am lighting candles for all those people who got hurt and died in the blast. And also for the people who came in and helped. God bless them all.

“Love is stronger than death even though it can't stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can't separate people from love. It can't take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death.”

Sunday, October 14, 2007

A Song in My Heart

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday. And I want to give tribute to the most beautiful and wonderful woman in my life. Sometimes words fail me when asked to describe her. She has done so much for me and my family and I don't know how I could ever give back the time and love that she has devoted to me, my children, my brother, my sister and my dad too.

I love this song, I believe this song depicts all the love my mom has for me. This song is for you Mom. I love you sooo soooo much.

When you're feeling lost in the night,
When you feel your world just ain't right
Call on me, I will be waiting
Count on me, I will be there
Anytime the times get too tough,
Anytime your best ain't enough
I'll be the one to make it better,
I'll be there to protect you,
See you through,
I'll be there and there is nothing
I won't do.

I will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero your strength
Anything you need
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time
Promise you,
For you I will.

I will shield your heart from the rain
I will let no harm come your way
Oh these arms will be your shelter
No these arms won't let you down,
If there is a mountain to move
I will move that mountain for you
I'm here for you, I'm here forever
I will be your fortress, tall and strong
I'll keep you safe,
I'll stand beside you, right or wrong

I will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the
moon (yeah, yeah)
I will be your hero your strength
anything you need (I will be..)
I will be the sun in your sky
I will light your way for all time
Promise you
For you I will

For you I will, lay my life on the line
For you I will fight, oooooh
For you I will die
With every breathe, with all my soul
I'll give my world
I'll give it all
Put your faith in me (put
you're faith in me)
And I'll have to leave it be

I will cross the ocean for
you (I will cross the ocean
for you)
I will go and bring you the moon
Promise you (Promise you)
For you I will, I will, I will, I will,

I will cross the ocean for you
I will go and bring you the moon
I will be your hero your strength
Anything you need, (Anything you need)
I will be the sun in your sky (yeah, yeah)
I will light your way for all times
Promise you (I promise you)
For you I will (Ooooh)
I promise you
For you I will

My mom is a neverending song in my heart of comfort, happiness, and being. I may sometimes forget the words but I always remember the tune. ~Graycie Harmon

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Moment of Bliss

On the day of our anniversary hubby and I spent a lazy day together. In the afternoon we went to this spa to have a full body massage. It was a choice between a Manhattan, a Bronx and a Hawaiian massage. I chose the Hawaiian. It was a soft massage with a lot of oil and will concentrate mostly on the back and shoulder area. OMG! It felt sooooo good. I've had many massages before but this one was topping the charts. Now that's what I call bliss.

The woman who was giving me the massage seemed to know where everything ached and knew just how to attack it. With each stroke of her hands she removed the stress I felt when I talked to that very hard-to-please client and when she pressed my back she took away the strain in my neck as I was bent over my computer concentrating on finishing my reports, memos and e-mails. I was half-awake and half-asleep all through it all. I never wanted it to end.

I don't know what it did to my body but after that massage I seem to want to sleep all the time. Whenever my back touched my bed it's as if my body is in auto-shut off. Amazing! This surprises me because I am a late sleeper. My usual sleeping time is around 12:00am or if I'm reading a really good book 2:00am. I did not have that much time to blog and visit your sites. At night I was off to dreamland as soon as I enter our room.

I suddenly thought God was like a masseur in our lives. With each stroke of His hand He takes away our problems and pains. Each time we feel better and lighter. We entrust ourselves to Him and let Him shape us into His image and likeness.

I think each one of us deserves a moment like this. We need pampering, we need someone to take over our fears and tell us all will be well. Yes we are strong and yes we know we can take care of ourselves. But don't we all need someone to lean on, someone to smooth away the aches and pains of our soul? And guess what? We don't have to go far to get it, we don't even have to pay. It's free! He's just a breathe away...for those who have faith.

“Where there is FAITH, there is LOVE; Where there is LOVE; there is PEACE; Where there is PEACE; there is GOD; Where there is GOD; there is BLISS.” ~ Sri Sathya Sai Baba

Sunday, October 07, 2007

One Fine Day

October 8th marks our 10th wedding anniversary. That's hubby and me after taking our vows. We were both a bit teary-eyed and the emotion is still high.

We were suprised to realize it has been a decade already! It seems like it only happened yesterday. I put on my wedding dress, my mom and dad were teary-eyed as we drove to the church, I walked down the aisle and we took our vows. Now we have a family of our own.

If there was anything that changed between us, I guess it was our love growing stronger each day. Many people have asked me how is it that hubby and I still seem like we were dating. I answered, "well I guess that's probably because we still that is." Most couples tend to be so serious about being mom and dad that they sometimes forget that before there was a family...there were only the two of us. And nurturing that relationship is very very important. It's the foundation of a happy family.

I remembered my mom giving me "bride talks" when my wedding day was drawing near. She always said, "always be there for him no matter what...and don't forget looking good all the time won't hurt too." I laughed at that, looking good? Well, my mom looks very young for her age and she has maintained her skin and figure. She most emphatically told me to do the same. Haha! Well, Ma, I'm trying my seems to be working too...I hope I can keep it up.

What was the most unforgettable thing I remembered on my wedding day? My answer would have to be marrying the right man. Some bride would say, it was the dress, the church, the cake, our friends, the reception...but for me it was my husband. I remember the great love we felt for each other and how forever started for us that one fine day.

Here's a song hubby and I both love.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~ Mignon McLaughlin

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Anniversary honey looking forward to the coming years with you! Love you!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Up in the clouds

I spent most of my day yesterday in two airports.

I woke up at 1:30am to get ready for my 4:30am flight to Cebu. Hubby wasn't all too happy to wake up and drive me there but he was worried about me taking the cab all by myself in that un-godly hour. When hubby dropped me off at the lobby, I kissed this sleepy man goodbye and then met my officemate and we checked in together. I saw a lot of sleeping people and wished I could too. First things first I bought two steaming brewed coffee to boost our spirits.

The flight was uneventful, except for an elderly needing some oxygen. I was half-awake and half-asleep all throughtout the flight. Everytime I fly I want to seat by the window and just stare at the clouds. They were fluffly blue and so much like cotton-candy. I imagined I was sitting on one of them, looking down on what's going on in the earth below.

After our training we headed straight to the local supermarket to buy some "pasalubongs" (tagalog for presents for our family and colleagues back home). We had about one to two hours before we go to the airport again for our afternoon flights. We had lunch at a local restaurant called Golden Cowrie. We ordered tuna fingers and this super tasty baked scallops with cheese on top! It was awesome and to our great surprise very very affordable.

By 2:30pm we were again headed to the airport and were checked in before 3:00pm. My colleague was going to our other branch office in Davao and so I was to head back to Manila alone. He had an earlier flight and so I was left alone in the waiting area for about one-and-a-half hour to wait for my flight. I wanted to fall asleep but I was a little wary of strangers and looking vulnerable being female and alone in the airport. Thank God for technology and the good book I brought along with me...I did not really noticed the time.

I was reading Paulo Coelho's book called Like a Flowing River. It was a collection of short inspiring stories. I particularly liked the poem by Manuel Bandeira.

Be like the flowing river,
Silent in the night.
Be not afraid of the dark.
If there are stars in the sky, reflect them back.
If there are clouds in the sky,
Remember, clouds, like the river, are water,
So gladly reflect them too,
In your own tranquil depths.

a beautiful poem and a beautiful book. God bless everyone!