Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Think We've Got Something Special

Infatuation is when you think he's as sexy as Robert Redford, as smart as Henry Kissinger, as noble as Ralph Nader, as funny as Woody Allen, and as athletic as Jimmy Conners. Love is when you realize that he's as sexy as Woody Allen, as smart as Jimmy Connors, as funny as Ralph Nader, as athletic as Henry Kissinger and nothing like Robert Redford - but you'll take him anyway. ~ Judith Viorst, Redbook, 1975

This quote maybe a little outdated but I found it funny and so very true. LOL! Well anyway, hubby and I bonded with some of his old high school buddies last week. One of his close friends got back from the US so the "barkada" (friends) decided to troop to their place to catch up on old times and talk about their new life in the US. And yes, to also take a peek at the two new additions to the family.

All these years (geez has it been 11 years already?!) and it seems like nothing much has changed. The men (there were six of them) would group together to talk shop or whatever it is that men talk about. Hehe. Which I found out, were not really quite as different to what we, women, talk about. LOL! And we, the wives, formerly the girlfriends, would also pull up chairs and huddle close together to talk about err this and that.

When we were younger, that was when hubby and I were still dating, the topics ranged mostly from what movies we watched, where we go on dates, beauty tips, love tips and so forth and so on. Then as the years went by, one by one each couple would get engaged and then we talk about "the proposal", compare engagement rings and re run "how he proposed" and of course talk about "the wedding plans". Then after the wedding, there were baptisms, first birthdays, seventh birthdays, Christmas parties and parties - just because.

From silly boyish and girlish dreams and talks I noticed that we all have grown so much more mature. Now we were talking about investments, travels, our kids' education, our kids tuition fees and school. I found it really endearing that we may walk or talk differently but deep inside we have not really changed a lot. I love the way hubby would always reach for my hand, entwine his fingers in mine whenever we stand close together and the way he would kiss it absent-mindedly as he talked. The way he would pass me by and rub my back and drink from my glass. The way he would always present me as his "ex-girlfriend" to everyone and when they would raise their brows he would say, "and now my wife" and make everyone laugh.

Comparing our lives with his friends, ours may not be as rich in travels, not as elaborate, not as complicated, but boy! it sure has lots of love and laughter! And you know I think we really got something special. :D

This post is for my sweet hubby:D No occassion...I just felt I needed to thank him for making me love life. Here's a funky love song by's for all you hopeless romantics and cynics. Enjoy!

Now there's four of us holding that's really special don't you think?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Thanks to You

My dad with my mom.

"A real friend walks in, when the rest of the whole world walks out".

That's how I feel about my dad. For me he is one of the "bestest" friends anyone could ever hope for. He always had his own way of teaching us things and I could not even begin to tell you how many of my traits are somewhat replicas of his =). When I was just a little girl I remember waiting for his car to come in the driveway and I would be running to him because I know, like always, that he has something special for me.

He drove us to school from the time we were just toddlers up to the time I was in the university and up to the time I graduated. He waited, patiently, for me while I was on duty from the hospital, he drove through strong typhoons, storms, earthquakes and any calamity just to get to me. He and my mom waited in baited breath as I was taking my professional board exam and celebrated with me, like crazy, when I passed it! My gosh! He even drove me to my first job interview and waited until it was finished!

I love you dad sooooo so much! And thank you for always being there for me and my family. Here's a song I'd like to dedicate to you, a summary of my thoughts and feelings for you. I hope you like it. Mwah!

Thank you for teaching me how to love
Showing me what the world means
What I've been dreamin' of
And now I know, there is nothing that I could not do
Thanks to You

For teaching me how to feel
Showing me my emotions
Letting me know what's real
From what is not
What I've got is more that I'd ever hoped for
And a lot of what I hope for is
Thanks to you

No mountain, no valley
No time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak
No fall from grace
Can't stop me from believing
That my love will pull me through
Thanks to You

There's no mountain, no valley
No time, no space
No heartache, no heartbreak
No fall from grace
Can't stop me from believing
That my love will see me through
Thanks to You
Thanks to You

For teaching me how to live
Putting things in perspective
Showing me how to give
And how to take
No mistake
We were put here together
And if I breakdown
Forgive me but it's true
That I am aching with the love I feel inside
Thanks to You
Thanks to you

"A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty." -- Unknown

P.S. Happy Father's Day also to my lovely husband. You're the greatest dad I could ever hope for to father my kids. I love you so much! And to my brother too.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Risky Business

Last Friday hubby and I went to our friends' house, they are getting married tomorrow. And I am really excited for them. You see, they lived together for twelve years now and finally after all this time - they're getting married! We're ecstatic to say the least.

Hubby is going to be the best man. A small party was thrown for them by some friends. After dinner all of a sudden the table was cleared. The bride took out three decks of cards. "Let's play a game!", she uttered. I looked at hubby and he looked back at me. Suddenly everyone at the table was looking at me, "Common' Lisa, try it!". I was shaking my head. "I errr don't know how to gamble," I said shyly. Hubby whipered in my ear, "Go ahead, try it. If you don't like it, you can always quit." Not wanting to be a party pooper, I hesitantly joined the game. There was money at stake, to make it more fun they say. Thirty minutes into the game I was hooked! LOL! At first hubby was my guide he read my cards and he teaches me how much to bet. But when the stakes got higher he let me decide if I still wanted to gamble or stop.

The game was a revalation. I realized I was NOT a gambler. Ha ha! I only took calculated risk and I only bet what I have and can give up and nothing more. I was amazed and awed at the way the other players were risking everything they got (well the bet at least) for the game. And I can't help but think in the game of life how much was I willing to gamble?

Earlier that evening hubby and I got a chance to talk to the groom's parents. I knew them for a long time now but it was the first time that I had a one on one talk with both of them. Our friend's dad was really cool. He took things lightly. I can just imagine if it were my dad he'll probably freak out if I didn't get married and just lived in with a guy! You know what I loved about the whole conversation? It was the way they both reminisced their wedding day. He recalled it to be something simple but sweet. "It was not elaborate", he says, "but I remember that day vividly." There was so much love in the way they finished each other's sentences and stories. I felt envious at the way they joked and teased each other. I was looking at hubby and wondered if we will be like that when we grow older. I hope so!

This is my salute to our friends(whose names I won't mention). It has been a risky twelve years but finally you have come to this moment when you have played all your cards right and realized it was never how many times you won or lose...but it was how you played the game.

Love is a gamble, sometimes you win, other times you lose. But no matter what your cards are in this gamble, whether cloves, spades, or diamonds, remember-never ever play with the heart.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Give Peace a Chance

My family and I went to the mall yesterday to buy school stuff. As expected it was crowded with moms and kids doing last minute shopping. My husband and I were sooooo amazed at the number of choices presented to us just to buy something as simple as school shoes, rubber shoes, school bags???!

It was a battle with the senses and the conscience as well, LOL! I wanted it to be something durable but funky, something classic but not so outdated, of course the bags have to be pink! Sigh, that helped narrow down some of the choices somehow. But then I couldn't help but envy the girls for all the cute-sie stuff they had to choose from. Hubby, being an expert in checking durability and the practicality of it all - helped choose the bag for my fourth-grader. They actually debated with the salesperson on some features. LOL! I steered away from the scene and grabbed my kindergarten to choose a bag for her. It was easy enough - something pink, something Barbie. Done.

Buying the shoes? Well that was surprisingly a breeze. After a few hours, we were done with our shopping. We wanted to hear the anticipated mass at 5pm. So all five of us, including the nanny, run off to the chapel to hear mass. It was a an hour of peace with the Lord and I wanted to savour each moment of it. It hit me, here I was worrying about bags, shoes and school stuff while other people are fighting a much much bigger battle. Peace.

I don't know why but everytime I hear this song during mass it makes me teary-eyed. It's a simple song that spoke so much of our desires and yearning for peace. And as I sang the song during the mass yesterday I surprisingly sang it with so much emotion. It's called One More Gift. Here are the lyrics:


If there’s one more gift
I’d ask of you,
Lord it would be peace here on earth
as gentle as your children’s laughter
All around, all around

Your people have grown weary
Of living in confusion
When will we realize
That neither heaven is at peace
When we will live not in peace

Grant me serenity within
For the confusions around
Are mere reflections..
Of what’s within..
What’s within in me?

If there’s one more gift
I’d ask of you,
Lord it would be peace here on earth
as gentle as your children’s laughter
All around, all around

When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.
-- Jimi Hendrix

We must want peace to have peace. Let's give peace a chance.