Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pause for Life

A perfect moment.  

Me, alone in a coffee shop with a hot latte and my laptop.

Waiting for my ride home.

…an opportunity to write something.

Well, there is no excuse for it really, I haven’t written in ages! So much has happened. Life, work and family, not necessarily in that order. Well, most of the time jumbled together. So many stories screaming in my head, sometimes they even come to life, asking me, begging me even….to write about it.
You see what I have become? Whilst I was away from Bloggerville your friend has turned into a drama queen, hehehe. Well, not really...not yet that is.
My last post was about my daughters growing up very fast, I was stunned at that pace time flew. Yesterday I was just coming off from a late Sunday afternoon slumber, now I am sitting here in Starbucks sipping coffee and celebrating Friday! Whew, don't you sometimes feel that you are being cheated by Mister Sandman? Don't you sometimes feel that while you sleep, he is secretly turning the hands of the time faster than it should tick? Hmmm, you agree with me right? It's a conspiracy theory that I share with a lot of moms, well I guess not just moms, dads too and maybe everybody who has been busy with their businesses and their lives.

I often wish, like I always do, that there is enough time...time to do the things I love. Time to stop and pause. Pause. Now there's a nice word.

I just came off from a three day workshop about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. I think those were three days well spent. We were taught that "pausing" is one way for people to go inwards and think about what they really want, revive their hope and dreams. Think of the big rocks and reorganizing them in one's life. There are times when I wonder if I have positioned my big rocks correctly.  

Today I paused...I looked. Today I see my big husband, my daughters, my parents, my family, a new house, travel plans and a job I love doing.

I may have placed my big rocks correctly after all.