Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mums Day!!!

Today I would like to make a tribute to the best Mom in the world! My MOM!

My mom is not techy, so I guess she won't be able to read my blog, but I wrote her a letter. Being a mom myself I now fully realize how much of her has rubbed off on me. I pretty much mother my children the way my mom brought me up.

My mom, is pretty much a hands-on-mom. She takes care of our needs herself, eventhough we had nannies. She does not leave that task to the nanny who takes care of us. She gives us a bath in the morning, fixes our breakfast, dresses us for school and makes sure we have the right books and notebooks in our bag everyday. After all that, she gets ready for work. Mind you, she goes to school in the evening for her college classes. How she managed, I do not know. But I guess she had a good support group then.

She become a wife at a tender age of 17 and became a mom at age 19. The very thought of being a mom at that age, brings shivers down my spine. I became a mom when i was almost 30! and I thought I was still ill-prepared for the rigours of motherhood then! Since she was still in college when she got married, she decided to finish college when she had the 3 of us. If that happened to me right now, I'd probably be freaking my heart out! Anyways, my mom was the ultimate multi-tasker. In fact, when I was growing up I sometimes think that she secretly had herself cloned. Why? Well she was always on top of everything that's happening at home, she never missed a PTA meeting, she always helped us finish our homeworks, she fixes my hair all the time, she takes care of my other 2 siblings, and my dad. There was one time when I had my first born she told me, she always made sure that all 3 of us looked clean and neat. She told me that how my children looked and deal with other people is a reflection of how poorly or how well Itook care of them. I guess I took a mental note of that and made sure that my children always looked good as often as I can and conducted themselves with proper manners.

My mom always looked pretty and every inch a woman. In fact, to this day I could not recall a single day that she did not look all made up and looking like she's going somewhere special. She takes care of her body and skin. I remember when I was preparing to get married she would always give me tips every now and then. One thing I could not forget was this, "Always look good for your husband. Be a good mother and wife by day and a mistress at night." I was quite shocked at what she said then, not quite knowing what she meant by that. But now I know=) I guess that's what makes our married life...interesting =)

It's tough being a mom. I know that now. One has to have a heart of steel to wheather the storms and a heart of gold to melt the strongest of wills. She can develop 8 pairs of eyes when the need arises. One pair for work, one pair for the daughter, one for the son, a pair for dad -of course, a pair for all her other loved ones and sometimes forgetting to reserve one for herself. A mom can be your worst nightmare when she wants you to do something right and she could be the bestfried you could ever have. My mom was all those roles to me and so much more.
Whatever roles our moms are in right now, I have it on good authority that they are doing what they know best...and that is LOVING US.

I love you Mom, you're really the best!!!!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mission Impossible

The Mission : Should I decide to take it, was to have a romantic-and-hopefully-a-relaxing evening with my hubby.

I was able to convince my husband to drive us to work today, we usually commute because it was expensive to take the car everyday. I planned a simple night out, a movie then dinner. We got there early so, we had a leisurely breakfast together which rarely happens on regular days. It was a great start to a cool day...right? Of course it was... a good start, that is.

Since I was early I was able to get on a head start to do some of my deliverables, I was right on track and that brought a smile to my first smile this week. The morning was pretty much uneventful, quite the way I liked it. I was listening to my MP3 player while I was typing away at my computer, signing this and that, and consulting my staff. Lunch, was filling, I had Japanese food for lunch and red ice tea. That fact brought another smile on my face -) the mission was progressing quite well.

Got back to the office, mentally reviewing my activities for the afternoon. Meeting with the Complaints Handling Team - check! KPIs done - check! it was already 4 pm in the afternoon. It was rainy outside and that, I said to myself, was somewhat romantic. Tickets for the movies? - Oh NO! I forgot to make reservations!!!! A quick trip to pay for the SureSeats tickets - check! Training materials for Monday's orientation - where the heck is it?! Not yet done? Oh No! it was already 5:30 the movie starts at 6:25pm. The phone rang, it was my date, checking if I was ready to go in 10 minutes. 10 minutes?! panic attacks were again starting to paralyze my body. the training materials how could I have forgotten?! How can I prepare it in 10 minutes? and then photocopy it for 35 participants. again the mission was turning to be an impossible one.

But like Ethan Hunt - I was determined to make it today. I had my people photocopy the materials, I was able to get some training materials from previous trainings done by the other unit. Viola! I'm done. Now to freshen up, look good at least, for my date. Mind you, the movie was everything-but relaxing, but it was great! I got the chance to cuddle up to my hubby and squeeze his hand every now and then. Pretty romantic huh? i thought so.

My mission here was accomplished! =)