Monday, April 28, 2008

Beach Time!

It's summertime here and I am probably as excited as my daughters at the prospect of going swimming, whether in the beach or in a pool! LOL! In the shops you'll see all sorts of swim gear displayed, swimsuits, floaters, sunscreen. My country is known to have some of the best beaches in the world! We have 7,107 islands, so no wonder I love water so much hehe.

I also love this time of the year because I get to have some bonding time with the family. I would always plan swimming activities all throughout the summer. The sun shining down on your well-oiled skin while you are sipping a tall lemonade and just simply dipping your toes in the water.

I remembered I learned how to swim when I was four. My cousins and I got tired of waiting in the sidelines, we wanted to immerse in the cool blue waters. I knew I probably drank about a pool of water (LOL!) but geez I was pretty determined. I wanted to learn to swim that day and I didn't want to go home without actually learning. And I did! My mom was pretty amazed and scared at how determined I was to learn. By the end of the day I was plunging in and out of the water and I would never forget how good that felt.

Here's a video of some of the cool places and the best beaches here in my country. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I did. And out of the 7,107 islands sadly I was only able to visit around 3 or 4. But I am planning to see more and more each year.

MABUHAY! as we say it here.

Have a great summer guys!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Gift

Today is Earth Day and I thought I could give something back by sharing this wonderful message I got from reading the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne.

It's a video of daily affirmations that could help you get some positive things into your life. Some find it a waste of time but personally I think it's one of the best gifts life has to offer...and it's free! All you need is an open mind.

Today is the beginning of my new life
I am starting over today
All good things are coming to me today

I am grateful to be alive
I see beauty all around me
I live with passion and purpose

I take time to laugh and play everyday
I am awake, energized and alive
I focus on all good things in life
and give thanks for them

I am free at peace and one with everything
I feel the love, the joy, the abundance

I am free to be myself
I am magnificence in human form
I am the perfection of life
I am grateful to be...

Today is the best day of my life!

It's not to say that we have ignore the bad times we experience in our lives, because I also believe that it is getting through these times that helps mold us into better and stronger persons.

However good or bad a situation is, it will change...and if you want to keep it better all the time then choose to make it so.

Love's the only one you've got!

Earth Day

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Wait No More

Opportunities wait for no one - not if you're busy, not if you're absent, and certainly not if you're afraid. - The Philippine Star

As I was growing up I certainly had a lot of influences in many aspects of my life. My mom and dad were my teachers in the School of Life. I was taught that life's opportunities are not handed to you in a platter, it is up to you to make things happen.

Well it was not always easy for me to do that, in fact, up to now I still am not so aggresively pursuing the things I want in life. For a long time, I was only a spectator in my life. I was guilty of leaving things to fate. But life has taught me otherwise. If I wanted to make things happen, I have to move...and move NOW!

A few days ago my daughters performed in their school's elementary graduation ceremony. Eventhough my kids were not among those who were going to graduate I couldn't help but feel teary eyed when the graduation March started to play and the young graduates walked along the aisle. It was as if I was suddenly transported back in time. I was reminded of my own graduation.

I remembered feeling euphoric and so ready to take on the world. I wanted to become a doctor and having been accepted in the best Med School in the country was really mind-boggling! I thought I was on the right track, my life was in sync with my goals. But towards my pre-med course graduation my life turned around. I realized becoming a doctor might not be for me. It entailed time and dedication and you have to be in the best of health. I went on 24-hours duty in the hospital.When I was doing my intership at various hospitals I got sick...almost all the time. But at least I was still in the same field of helping people get well. I took the next best thing.

I was lost after that, the path that I have chosen for myself as young as 3 years old suddenly toppled over. I had to find my way back again. Since I psyched myself to work in the hospital, I had a hard time envisioning myself doing something different. I thought I was going to fail myself and my family. Miserably.

Not! I decided that I could either mope around jobless for the rest of my life or find something I could be good at aside from becoming a doctor and actually get paid! Well it did not happen immediately, like in the movies. But what was more important was IT did happen! It took a lot of my time, a lot of my patience - not to mention my mom and dad's hehe - but it happened. I discovered I could be good at something totally different - like officework and actually excel at it!

As to becoming a doctor, well I play that role a lot of times with my kids and sometimes to my mom and dad. I make sure that they are in good health 100% of the time and I take good care of them when they get sick 24/7. And getting "thank yous and i love yous" in return was surely worth more than money could ever buy.

Interestingly our company's battle cry this year is very interesting and inspiring. Just five words but it could change the way you see your life.

It's up to you. smile