Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Here's an entry in my old blog that I have decided to republish here.

As young as seven, I knew what managing time meant. I managed my time then between studying, eating and of course for playing and horsing around. That was my main goal then. If I managed my time well I would have more time for the things I wanted to do. Like watching TV and playing my favorite games. As I grew older, I took this habit with me. It was particularly helpful during my college days. I managed my time right then so that I would have more time to myself during weekends. Of course it was a tremendous help when I had kids, I would mentally calculate my schedule the next day so that I would be able to finish all my "to-dos" within a specific time frame.

As I review my day these days I seem to get lesser time for contemplation. I notice more and more that the time I have to myself tantamount to six hours to six-and-a-half at most in the 24-hours we have in a day! And that already includes sleep! Well, yes I do enjoy being hands on to my kids but "six hours" is not enough time for me, even to recharge! Just take a look at my typical workday sked:

5:30 get the hot water going (water is quite scarce nowadays)
6:15 Take a quick shower, as in quick!
6:30 Wake my daughter up and bathe her.
6:45 Dress her, fix her snacks for school, fix my lunch bag and
that of my hubby's, and hand her over to yaya for breakfast
7:00 Get dressed as quickly as possible.
7:15 Take my daughter to school.
7:30 Arrive at the FX station to Makati. (but now I have a car, thank God!)
8:30 Have a quick breakfast at my table and work my butt off!
5:30pm Go home, drop by the drugstore or grocery for some
7:30pm Arrive home, change clothes
7:45pm Have a quick dinner. (Thank God my mom cooks for me!)
8:00pm Check if my daughter had any assignments
8:15pm Get the kids and transfer to my house.
8:30pm Fix my daughter's snack for tomorrow, prepare the sandwiches,
put my baby's things in a bag for tomorrow's use.
9:00pm Get the kids ready for bed... and probably squeeze in 5
minute to go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, brush my
kids teeth.
9:15pm Prep the bed.
9:30pm Story time!!!
10:00pm The kids start to sleep....Thank God!
10:45pm Finally they're asleep.
11:00pm Ahhhh....now I can sleep! But wait! I didn't even have time
for some small talk with my husband, hmmm maybe tomorrow.

I open my eyes the next day and then the day starts again! Too much for you? Well I can now imagine how my mom did it, and there were three of us then! But then there were a lot of people volunteering to take care of us, my grandma, my aunts who just live next door. Today, you are sooo lucky to find a good household help, not to mention a very reliable yaya. But I know that all this hard work will pay off. My kids are growing up well. My eldest is quite a whiz kid, if I may say so. And my youngest is not to be outdone as well! They are both well loved and taken good care of that I hope they would be as discriminate with the people they make friends with and boys they fall in love with when they grow up. And I also hope they realize how much sacrifice and how much time their mother spends just making sure they are in good hands!

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