Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

Today is Mother's Day and like always I planned to do something special for my mom on this day. I planned to have lunch with her today and probably have a massage with her at the spa, or even go shopping. I also wanted to give her some time away from her worries and her daily chores. I wanted her to feel like a queen, even if it were for just a day. And I guess I was also secretly hoping, hubby had something planned for little-old-me!

About three days ago, my husband's aunt died. She was someone close to him, to us. She was the one who gave him away on our wedding day because hubby's mom and dad have passed away already. He had to help take care of some loose ends, his uncle was working in South America so it will take sometime for him to get home. I did not mind that he had to help out. His cousins were all girls and they were still young and innocent about these things, having had some experience when his own mom died he knew what needed to be done. So we ended up spending most of our weekend at the funeral and at the kitchen cooking up food for some guests and family members.

I felt a little sad because we were not together today - as a family and I was not able to treat my mom out on her special day. Nothing happened as I planned. Today I prepared a meal for 16 people for lunch and for dinner. I gave my kids a bath and dressed them up. I made sure that things were running smoothly in the house as we had unexpected visitors coming in and out from the wake. Hubby's uncle arrived today, he had to go to the airport to pick him up. I cleaned the extra room to have them temporarily stay there for the duration of the funeral.

All in all, what I did what I do best...mothering! Ooooops forgot to mention, out of the so many things I planned that did push through? I had lunch with my mom - one on one, in her kitchen, nothing formal...just me and her talking about nonsensical things while she does what she does best also...fuzz and take care of me.

I love you Mom, happy mother's day to you!

Happy mother's day also to all the moms in my blogroll and also to those dad's who act as both mom and dad. I salute all of you!


Impressionist said...

Hey Happy Mother's day to u too! :D


RennyBA said...

What a great contribution to Mom's - and even Dad's as well! I'm married to and American whom I met on the net 10 years ago and she brought here two sons when coming over to live with me. So now I have three children and two bonus children.

Happy Mother's Day to you too :-)

jen said...

ohhh...that's really sweet! happy mother's day to your mom and to YOU! (now, i know where you got your mothering skills....)

take care!!!

Letera said...

So sorry to hear your the passing away of someone close. That is always so hard. Glad you got to have time to w/ your mom.

Lena said...

really sweet post :) I am sure your mom knows how much you love her. And you both can just reschedule Mother's day to some other and have fun together thought it is still great you both managed to spend a little bit of time together :)

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Impressionist - Hey thanks Jeevy!

@@@RennyBA - thanks Renny! I am sure your wife had a great time on Mother's day!

@@@Jen - thanks Jen, oh - I think I am not yet even half of the mother my mom is but thanks a lot! I feel honored to be thought that way.

@@@Letera - thanks, it is sad to have someone close pass away. Have a great day today!

@@@Lena - Yup, I'm planning to reschedule mother's day and surprise her. I really try my best to talk to and see my mom and dad daily as much as I can. Sometimes it's hard with my schedule but connecting with them daily is something I need to survive! God bless!

the-sagittarian-blogger said...

Lovely post there!

"Happy mother's day also to all the moms in my blogroll and also to those dad's who act as both mom and dad. I salute all of you!" ...touched my heart as I belong to one such true these emotions are!