Sunday, July 20, 2008

Just Chillin'

It's amazes me how music could spice up a movie and give it emphasis somehow. Just imagine if movies didn't have OSTs (official sound tracks). Say the movie Friday the 13th or Jaws without those heart-stopping moments that were empasized by simple notes and music. Dull right? Everyday I listen to music and I imagine that each day a new soundtrack of my life is being played. And funny how the song "Just Another Manic Monday" seem to play by itself all week long! LOL! And how odd that when my boss calls out for me to go to her office, I seem to hear those two notes from the movie "Jaws" as I approach her office. "dum dum, dum dum". Like I was about to devoured by sharp teeth. hehe.

I couldn't possibly last a day without music. I have it in my ear as soon as I go mobile on my way to work. And when I arrive at my desk I have to have music while I start reading my mails and sign some documents.

These past few weeks have been terribly busy ones that I was not able to update my blog or visit my favorite blogs at all. Ever since school started for my kids I have been on my toes as early as 5:30 in the morning. My youngest is not a morning person so I have to break her in for the day. I wake her up with kisses and hugs. At first it was quite a struggle for both of us but lately she's starting to wake up on her own. I would be giving them both a bath, it's funny how our bath times have suddenly turned into sing-alongs. Hehe. We sing "I like to move it", a song from the movie Madagascar and the kids will start to laugh and actually move it. hehehe.

This weekend I just chilled here at home well almost. Saturday I attended my nephew's amazing first birthday party. It was the first time that I attended a kids party with a Starbucks booth, a dog show and two mimes mesmerizing the guests! It was something unforgettable to say the least. And the food, for the adults we had tasty adults food but the kids buffet table had gourmet kids food! Haha. There were chefs preparing different ice cream concoctions and dessert stuff. It changed my idea of a kiddie party for life! hehe.

And so today is Sunday, I slept in. Lingered over my breakfast, well brunch actually. And then had time to really drink my coffee. The song I am playing right now?

Wanna know what I love to listen to all the time? My kids' laughter, they're simply music to my ears. I can't seem to get enough of it. It's something I want to hear all day long. It somehow tells me they are happy being with me.


Have a fantastic Sunday everyone!


*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Finally an update! :)

Glad to know you have been having a great time with family.Your daughters are adorable.Hugs to them!

As someone said,"music is what feelings sound like".I cannot imagine life without it either.

Have a great week ahead sweetie!God Bless

Lena said...

the best music is kids laughter, smiles and good mood :)
they are like soundtracks of our lives :)

louann said...

Sounds like a nice eventful weekend. Don't you just love weekends like that? =)

LOL for "Just Another Manic Monday!"

Our Love Story said...

girl, speaking of music and songs... i highly recommend u watch MAMA MIA with ur family... grabe girl... sobrang ganda... u will enjoy it for sure... nawala pagod ko and stress!!!

it's really good that we enjoy every moment of our life... dull moments may visit us once in a while but it's our attitude that keeps us from having a wonderful life!!!

have a great week girl and am sure u are!!!! u're such a great mom!!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed without music our life would have been so gives us the energy to move on in this busy life you had a wonderful weekend after the hectic week...have a nice week ahead!

stillwaters said...

how great naman your weekend was :)

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear friend,
Kids laughter is certainly the best music, and also spending time with then are the most magical moments, just watching them grow over the years.
Sorry for not dropping by sooner...having a few problems with neck and shoulders and can only use right hand at moment lol...great fun for blogging hahaha.
Take care and have a great week.
Colin from Life & Free PC Security

Impressionist said...

hey good to know ur fine!
I know how much u love music! :) Im back btw! with a post now!


akanksha said...

Hmmm someones enjoying!!!
Anyways, hope u still remember me:-)
I m sure ur kids laughter is the best tune u can grandfather used to tell me that hearing my laughter, it seems that he has lived d day! miss hm:(

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Sam - Hey! Well it looks like my little update is now outdated again hehehe. I loved what you said "music is what feelings sounds like" it sums it all up. Have a great weekend too!

@@@Lena - I completely agree with you there dear. They make life more live-able hehe.

@@@Louann - I live for the weekends! haha. I love weekend re-runs as well. Have a great weekend.

@@@Jen - you know I actually watched the movie with hubby and the kids and we liked it. It's light and funny. Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend too!

@@@Kalyan - I look forward to the weekends after a hectic week, it makes things more bearable haha. Have a nice weekend.

@@@Stillwaters - hey thanks! indeed it was a great weekend.

@@@Colin - wow! my friend I was thrilled to see your name in my comments button.

Awww, too bad about the neck and shoulders =( I know just what you need my dear friend a round of our favorite drinks! Clink! Cheers. Take care and huggggsss.

@@@Impressionist - hey good to see you back. And I loved your new posts. So how was your vacation like?

@@@Akanksha - you know I was really sooooo thrilled seeing your name here, it's a name I have missed for a long time. Of course I remember you! Welcome back to bloggerville my friend.