Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Totally My Girl

The other day my ten-year-old daughter Ysabel asked me. "Mom, is it okay if I blog just like you?" I didn't hesitate and told her "Sure! wanna do it now?"

My eldest daughter is into books and she loves to write too. I cannot even begin to tell you how much she loves books. Whenever we go out she would always ask me, "Mom, I did very well in my exam, will you buy me a book?" And just like that she has started her book collection. It's something her dad and I support with all our hearts.

During Christmas when most children would ask for toys, the latest gadgets my eldest daughter would tell her godmothers and godfathers that she would love it so much if they bought her books for Christmas. And she was wise too, she would ask her godparents and grandparents different books so she would be able to maximize her growing wish list. This way no books were bought twice! Attah girl!

Together we designed her blog. Of course it has to be pink and there has to be a ballerina there. She also wanted to showcase the books she already have. We are still in the process of designing and I was amazed at how well she has envisioned what her blog would look like. She wrote the contents of her blog, even her profile description. She was funny and funky at the same time. She asked for my help to check her grammar and how she wanted her post to look like. And I enjoyed helping her do it.

I wanted to encourage her to write because I think this is a place she can develop herself to her full potential.

So to my sweet daughter, mommy supports you all the way. Keep on writing love. If you want to check out her blog please don't hesitate here's the link Totally Me


Ysabel said...

thanks for your nice post about my blog I love you very much MMWWAAHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Survivor said...

That was a nice way of getting her start so early on blogging :)

Good to see into books at such an early age, I was a late starter :(

Anonymous said...

I am really happy to know about her blog, I will definitely visit it.

Good luck to her for her blog.

louann said...

Oh wow that's is so cool! I will add her to my "must reads" list!

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Ysabel - Hi baby, you're most welcome. Mommy supports you all the way.

@@@Survivor - yeah she started very young and we're so blessed that her love for books continued on.

@@@Sweetgirl - thanks! i'm really so proud of her.

@@@Louann - yeah it's sooo cool. thanks will appreciate your support.

punk princess said...

For me it is the other way around it seems. Mom asked me the other day if she should begin blogging [I have been coaxing since ever!]... :)

Hey loved reading several of your straight outta d heart posts!