Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Gifts of Love

love is a treasure
for which we can never pay...
the only way to keep it
is to
give it all away

I remember when I was a little girl I loved walking along gardens. It got me excited picking up petals, unusual leaves, weird stones and sometimes small fruits or wild berries. Oh and yes! I would catch dragonflies and lady bugs, it usually makes my mom groan when I get home with them LOL!I would put them all in a box and call them my treasures. I would keep it near my pillow and wait till morning until I could play with them again.

The next day the petals would all be dried up and of course, the dragonflies and the ladybugs would be dead but I don't know it just made me happy to go back again and look for these silly treasures. Now I could not recall what games I used to play, but I remembered pretending those things were real. Yeah, I know, those were the days...silly ones really. But I could not forget how happy I was when I was playing pretend. My mom and dad always told me I had such vivid imagination.

Today, I still like picking up things. Nope! not petals, nor dried leaves, nor strange-looking stones, well okay, a couple of dragonflies and ladybugs here and there - but only because I wanted to show them to my kids! LOL! These days I love to pick up quotes, beautiful words and nuggets of wisdom, if you must. From books, movies, poems, newspapers, sermons from the priests when I go to church, talks with my friends, wisdom from my mom and dad, lines from movies and other people. I guess from just about anything and anywhere and anyone. I have journals with quotes that catch my eye. If you noticed, there's always a quote at the beginning or end of my posts. For me, those few lines speaks volumes of experience and memories.

Tonight I was able to watch a very good film it's called
The Ultimate Gift - if you guys haven't watched it, it's a must see. And for those who already did, I hope you liked it too. It's a story about the death of young man's very wealthy grandfather. He anticipates a hefty inheritance instead his grandfather gives him a crash course on life through twelve tasks a.k.a. "gifts" sending him to a journey of self-discovery.

As for every film that I watched, even if some turned out to be crappy ones or a knock out bestseller I always try to get the good lessons or nuggets of wisdom from it, if any. And this film I got twelve gifts. Here they are:

1) The Gift of Work
2) The Gift of Money
3) The Gift of Friends
4) The Gift of Learning
5) The Gift of Problems
6) The Gift of Family
7) The Gift of Laughter
8) The Gift of Dreams
9) The Gift of Giving
10) The Gift of Gratitude
11) The Gift of a Day
12) The Gift of Love

The gifts are simple ones really, most, if not all of them we already have. I guess putting them into good use is what will make it work for us. But I think the last one is the most important, for it was the love of his grandfather that made him realize something he could never have discovered alone...the gift of love.
Valentine's Day is not only for lovers alone. It is a day we celebrate love in all it's form.
Happy Valentine's Day my dear dear friends!


ExploreLifeBlog said...

The movie sounds interesting and I will check it out. I think the gift of love is so needed in the world today.
If we had love these big bad terrorist would be loved into submission.
If we had love the big ego's that cause all the world's problems were be brought under control by listening to the heart.
If we had love all the world's wealth would not be only in the hands of the few but shared by everyone.
If we had love peace would be possible, kindness and compassion would be the way we are all with each other.

Lots of love to you and your blog,


*~*Sameera*~* said...

What a wonderful post dear,so full of love and wisdom.

Belated Happy Valentine's to you sweetie!

Have a lovely weekend.God Bless.Love ya!Hugsss

P.S. Thanks for adding me on FB,sorry I did not message you back cause I hardly visit there.

Impressionist said...

lovely post lisa!
I have been just too busy lately and was happy to read this one
u made my day today! How ru?


Sophiagurl said...

@@@Joseph - thank you I glad you liked my blog. I completely agree with you if only people loved each other then there wouldn't be wars and problems. =) Glad you visited and hope to see you back.

@@@Sameera - Hi Sami, Happy Valentine's DAy to you too! I was glad to add you in FB and thank you for adding me too. I am not so regular myself there so that's okay. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

@@@Impressionist - Jeevy, I almost did not recognize you there! You changed your name? I am glad I helped you smile today. I am quite busy myself that's why I have not been regular in writing. I hope you're doing great too! Take Care.