Sunday, May 31, 2009

No Boundaries

One evening on the way home, hubby and I were having a discussion about relationships with people. We were talking about people who became close to us, became part of our daily lives and all of a sudden they say goodbye and we get hurt - almost betrayed. I told him maybe I shouldn't care so much, maybe I shouldn't be so attached, maybe if I don't get too close I'll survive. He says, I was going about this the wrong way. He said after all this time I still don't get it.

I get hurt because I always think in terms of forever.Well maybe he was right. I do tend to believe, well hope actually that good times...could last forever, I couldn't help it. Who wouldn't want something good to last a lifetime? Why couldn't it last a little while longer? That's why I fear death so much because that puts a period on my existence, on the existence of the people I love and care about. I remember my dad telling me I shouldn't fear it, one's existence does not end in death...if you loved the person deeply enough...then love transcends even in death. And he says death will come, that is certain. :( But until then there is only thing that stand between me and my happiness - ME. Because love has no boundaries.

I guess that was why I was particularly struck by a song written by Cara DioGuardi, its called No Boundaries. I loved the lyrics of the song so here I am sharing it with you.

seconds, hours, so many days
you know what you want but how long can you wait
every moment lasts forever
when you feel you've lost your way

and what if my chances were already gone
i started believing that i could be wrong
but you gave me one good reason
to fight and never walk away
so here i am still holding on

with every step you climb another mountain
every breath its harder to believe
you'll make it through the pain, weather the hurricanes
to get to that one place
when you think the road is going no where
just when you almost gave up on your dreams
they take you by the hand
and show you that you can
there are no boundaries

i fought to the limit to stand on the edge
what if today is as good as it gets
dont know where the future is heading
but nothing is gonna bring me down

I've jumped every bridge
I've run every line
I've risked being safe
i always knew why, i always knew why
so here i am still holding on

you can go higher
you can go deeper
there are no boundaries
above and beneath you
break every rule 'cause there is nothing between you and your dreams
there are no boundaries

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~ Mother Teresa

hugs Pictures, Images and Photos are you willing to take the risk? to LOVE without boundaries?


The Survivor said...

Yeah nothing last forever...

louann said...

I feel this A LOT. Experiences like these push me to moments of reflection. I question what went wrong, why it went wrong, whose fault was it, etc.

And yes maybe, we must also remember that nothing lasts forever. Really.

akanksha said...

Oh I m so glad to hear this!!!:)
Pass on my blessings to your little angel:)

Anonymous said...

u know its ossum :)

also ur blog is also getting sexy! day by day

Sophiagurl said...

@@@The Survivor - yeah it's a lesson I tend to forget...a lot!

@@@Louann - yeah for me too. but then maybe sometimes we over analyze things. Maybe things are the way they are for no reason.

@@@Akanksha - thanks dear!

@@@Dreamcatcher - LOLz! thanks lil bro. And do keep on writing pleease :)