Monday, December 04, 2006


My husband was assigned to go to Boracay to orient beach resorts and talk to marketing people from one of the leading airlines in the place. He asked me if i could, you know, come with him on the trip. Normally, I would have declined. I hate leaving the kids behind. But Boracay! For petesakes, what was i thinking about. i just had to go!

At first it was only supposed to be an overnight thingy now its 3 days 2 nights. How can i refuse? After listing down things for my yaya to remember and had a talk with my kids that mom and dad had to be away just for awhile. I was sooooo excited about the trip. I bought swim wear and beach things for the trip and i couldn't wait.

The short trip to Boracay was uneventful. But when I saw the beach, i immediately fell in love. the white powdery sand, the crystal blue waters, the cool weather, it was unbelievable! i just had to have a dip in the water. after a quick change, we were immersed in the cool waters. ahhhh, paradise. catch you later guys =)

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