Monday, December 04, 2006

Missing the City

Just this evening I realized that no matter how nice the setting was, if you are missing some people in your life, it just doesn't quite matter if you were somewhere nice if you were without them.

My husband and I, were sprawled in 2 hammocks with the view of the beach at sunset and boy it was spectacular. It looked like something someone painted in canvass and it's sooo breathtaking. And it was at that moment that i was suddenly hit by...homesickness. terrible right? I was in the middle of the most sought-after beach in the Philippines and all i could think about is my rowdy bedroom, my kids fighting over the remote control, my husband reading the newspaper and yours truly watching at the sidelines as each event unfolds.

unbelievable? yes. but i do miss my kids. terribly. it probably started because of the family in the next cabana looked very happy. the boy was always looking for his mommy wherever she goes, he wants to be right next to her. and suddenly i miss my kids =( i miss my routine, i miss my hectic life in the city, i miss my bed, i miss the irritating sound of the jeepneys and tricycles on the road across my house. i wanted to go home=( and i cannot last the day without knowing what time it was. it was quite pathetic, really.

i was not really surprised, actually i gave myself one night before i started to miss the kids but as soon as i arrived at the airport i was missing them already. i do call them often enough during the day but seeing them and feeling their arms around me makes a lot of difference. tomorrow i'll see them already, but in the meatime, i guess i better store up memories of my alone-time with my hubby.

next time we will definitely take the kids. one thing i am sure of? is that there WILL be a next time! this place is soooo beautiful.

right before me is a view, i will surely want to conjure up, when i am busy with my hectic life. my kids, yes i do miss them. a whole lot. but these moments with my husband, i will treasure in my heart for all times =)