Sunday, March 18, 2007

multi-tasking is counterproductive

Scientific studies say that multi-tasking is counterproductive.

According to JobStreet Career Coach, multi-tasking is a managerial buzz-concept these days, a post layoff corporate assumption that the few can be made to do the work of many. But newly released results of scientific studies in multi-tasking indicate that carrying on several duties at once may, in fact, reduce productivity, not increase it.

Surprisingly, I find this to be true. I, myself, am an advocate of multi-tasking. Lately, however, I find this fact to be applicable to me as well. My tasks as a manager are to supervise and head several projects at a time. I also have the task of monitoring tasks that I have delegated to my staff and prepare some sort of report from time to time for my boss. I also have to sign several documents and letters on a daily basis. There are also calls I have to answer and e-mails that I have to reply to every day. Let’s not forget the daily problems that I, also, have to resolve. Too much for you? Well, welcome to my life.

Some people call it enumerating your task, some call it whining. I prefer to think that I am just enumerating my tasks for the sake of posterity. I believe I can work with minimal supervision, although my boss, somehow doubts that and makes it a point to drop in on me and inform me, all too often, all the things that I have not done yet!

i know she means well, most of the time. but her approach somehow makes me feel somewhat incompetent at times. although sometimes i am challenged to hear those two most sought-after words "well done".

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