Tuesday, March 13, 2007

peace and quiet

there are days when you feel loud and chatty. there are days when you feel like just slumping in your desk, just typing away like there was no tomorrow.

today, i wanted to finish a lot of things. my typical day at work would start with coffee. not the brewed kind but your 3-in-1 kind. i would have loved to drink a macchiato everyday, but that would be way too expensive for me. i was trying to munch into a sandwich when a message popped in my screen. just three little words. three dreaded little words that is an indicator of how MY day will be like.

"please see me".

today, like the past few days, i felt a little tired seeing those words flash in my screen. probably because it flashes more than 10x in a day. my initial thoughts would be "now what?!". true to form the summon would mean just two things. she wanted me to do some report or i would be reprimanded

as i was walking towards her desk, my feet felt heavy and somehow, even if the day had not really taken on, i felt tired. i remembered reading a book which said, there were two types of people - the energy suckers and the energy giver. lately my energy has hit rock bottom.

as i flapped down to the chair in front of her several thoughts were raising to my head. i don't need this. i could do something else. i could be sipping a hot macchiato inside the Starbucks in Intramuros and chatting away with my friends in my brandnew lappy. or i could be lazing around in my bed watching Season 2 of the Supernatural and secretly wishing Dean, the lead character, would be lying down next to me.

"where's the report?" Pooof! my dream balloon seem to have been pricked by a needle.
"the report is ready maam, i just need to confirm an item with you." "ok, let's hear it."

just like that my morning went on with a series of meetings, consultations, phone calls and what-have-yous. then there's lunch. my lunch break is somewhat sacred to me. 60 precious minutes away from it all. 60 minutes of chowing down a tasty pasta down my throat or gulping down a really yummy greek, exotic pizza.

lately i have been thinking do i really like what i'm doing? deep down i know, i do. but there are days when i feel soooo bone-tired and the things i have to do weighs heavily in my shoulders. but then there is also a part of me that wanted everything to go smoothly. i guess i was secretly wishing, just for once, i could hear her mutter "well done". i guess that'll be the day.

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