Friday, August 03, 2007

just me and myself today

Today I had the chance to do things I had wanted to do for some time now. No work, no deadlines and no tiger lady telling me to stand on my head and spin around like crazy.

After I took my youngest daughter to school this morning I had a chance to go to the salon and pamper myself. It just opened so only a couple of clients were there. I was surprised that I was the only girl-client there, they were all men! I guess men need pampering too as much as women ha ha. After I'm done there I went to my daughters' school to bring them some special lunch. My eldest was surprised to see me because it's usually my mom or the nanny who brings lunch. I felt content just looking at her munch down her favorite food and smiling at me as if I had given her a gift.

"Mommy, I wish it was you who brings my lunch over everyday", she said.

I held her cute face between my palms and gave her a big kiss and wished with all my heart that I was a stay at home mom, then I would be able to indulge her everyday.

"I wish I could too baby, let's just be thankful that we did it today", I said.

"Okay mom, love yah! I have to go back in now." she ran inside as I watched her back and wished again that I was the one doing this for them every day.

She stops and turns to look at me, smiled and then comes running back to me. "Thank you mom," she gave me a kiss and a hug.

I am so proud of my daughters, as young as they are they know how to appreciate people and they know how to love in return. I stayed at my kids school to wait for my little one who finishes classes right after my eldest has her lunch. Had a chance to talk to some of the moms there as I was secretly watching them and listening to what they were saying. Somehow I felt myself lacking in some way. They were armed with everything, extra clothes for the young ones after school, extra drinks in case they're thirsty, they fuzz around and talk to the other mommies there, comparing notes, exchanging recipes and talking about the kids, what they've done and not done. Compared to them, I felt like a man in a woman's world. I consoled myself into thinking, I am probably just a little calmer and err shy. I, sort of, felt like an outsider being a working mom amongst SAHMs.

After a few more minutes my little girl came out with all smiles. "Hi mommy, you're here to pick me up!" Stating the obvious, I could not help but laugh. She talked non-stop about what they did and then hugged me, "I wish it were you picking me up everyday!". Shush! My heart was swelling with joy. I could only wish I could do this for them all the time.

Ahhhhhh, the joys of motherhood.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


ej said...

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Rajeev said...

ah! that was really sweet! :)

jeanie said...

What a lovely post - a tribute to yourself and your beautiful girls. I am glad you had a good day.

Colin said...

Hiya Trouble, Love the post.
I could do with some pampering too hahaha.
It's nice when you get the chance to do as you please and go to the school with your daughter too. I used to tak mine every morning when she was much younger and be there when she had finished for the day. i was like the odd one out among the parents as I was much older than the rest, but it never bothered me, it was my daughter I wanted to see going in safely and running out afterwards.
Now she's much older and gaining her independence and spending time with her own group of friends, but out of the blue she will send me a simple text saying 'I love you'.
Now it is time for me to go and collect her and her friend who are staying with me for the weekend...OMG 2 teenagers hahahaha.

Have a wonderful extended weekend.
God bless

surjit said...

I am glad to read your wonderful post.You are a caring Mom.Good luck.

zunnur said...

My wife is a SAHM but she too sometimes feel awkward when standing among the other well armed Moms. In my opinion, you felt that you're 'lacking in some way' is not because you're a working mom, but it depends on our interests, our way of doing things and the type of people we like to mix around with. My wife always stays out of people who always tend to divert their conversation into talking about other people although they are well armed Moms.

Sophiagurl said...

@@@EJ - thank you for visiting.

@@@Jeevy - thank you Jeevy! =)

@@@Jeanie - I sure did! i am hoping to have days like this at least once a month for my sanity =)

@@@Colin - you're such a sweet dad, reminds me of my own who takes me to school and fetches me at the end of the day. a day at the spa wouldn't hurt, men are as much into it as women. =)i'm sure the teenagers would have a lovely time having a man waiting for them hand and foot. haha!

@@@Surjit - thanks Surjit, I am glad you think so. God Bless you!=)

@@@Zunnur - you know you are probably right, i know i do my part as a mom, but i guess i am really not as vocal about what I did and what im doing. thanks for that =)

Anonymous said...

it is good to know you had a good time with yourself and kids...

happy friendship day
5 august

Jeya Anand said...

hey...that was a cute post...made me always make us smile....really cute...

no visits to my blog recently...any probz??:0

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Sweet Girl - I did. Happy Friendship day to you too =)

@@@Jeya Anand - I do too! check out your counter hehe. but was not able to make comments because I just breeze in and out because of work..but don't worry I promise to do that in the next few days. Are you studying pre-med? noted Obstetrics and Gynecology in your post.