Saturday, August 25, 2007

living for the moment

My life revolves around schedules. It helps keep my life on track.

Everyday I map out my plan in my mind. I set a schedule on how my day would start and when it would end. That makes me feel in control of things. My watch is my best friend. Most of the time I could more or less calculate how hectic my day would be. Be it in the office or at home.

It has drawbacks, though. Sometimes even if I'm on vacation I tend to schedule each moment in the hope that I could squeeze in all the things that I wanted to do, sometimes to my hubby's chagrin.

I envy people who live for the moment, they can enjoy their life without worrying what to do next. It's a behaviour I want to change in my life. One day I would love to throw away my planner and "go with the flow" so to speak. I want to do something spontaneous, some spur-of-the-moment activity. I guess I am lucky that hubby is one such person. He helps me go out of my shell and do something unprompted. He patiently coaches me and bears with me when I freak out and want to know what we will be doing next. I know he just wanted me to forget about my worries and enjoy the moment.

I sometimes blame it on my rigid, all-catholic-girls-school upbringing. I remember being raised by the nuns at school, everything must be tidy, no unnecessary laughters, no unnecessary movements, everything has to have purpose or you are just wasting your time, it's where being spontaneous is sometimes misconstrued as promiscuity. We were probably being molded into their likeness. LOL. And believe me a lot of people thought I was "nun-material". Haha!

But really, I long for the day that I could stop to worry about tomorrow and just live for the moment. Enjoy the ride, enjoy the breeze, enjoy the food, enjoy the company and just simply enjoy the moment.

I came across this wonderful post by Gurushabad, it's called Enjoying the Moment, a valuable lesson to be learned here.

Don't let life pass us's meant to be lived.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Until you make peace with who you are, you'll never be content with what you have. - Doris Mortman


Jeya Anand said...

living in the present is an unique experience...something divine...but our mind refuses to do so..we either cling on to the past or forsee the future...whats the use in it?? we are gonna reach there anyway oneday...

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Jattz - what a nice way to summarize my post. and you are right we are gonna reach tomorrow someday anyway so why worry and let LIFE just happen. =)thanks!

zunnur said...

As we plan and plan for the future, it seems like the list would go on and on endlessly, there are too many things to be done, even if we wrote them down, sometimes, they just remain there as writings. Choosing the right priority is important.

I was asked to go to work tomorrow (Sunday!), but I'm not going, definitely, I chose to enjoy my weekend compared to the double or triple pay I'll be getting. I delegated my job to the people under me and pray that they would do the tasks to the very best of their ability.

Let us enjoy our weekend :-) said...

Wow, thank y0ou for this.

I am new to your blog, I came over from Gurushabad.

I hadn't thought of how 'scheduled' I was until I read your post. I'm okay at spontaneous but excell at regimented. Kids help to enforce schedule and spontaneity. I will struggle forward!

surjit said...

....'I long for the day that I could stop to worry about tomorrow and just live for the moment...'

Sophia,this 'longing' will surely lead you internal freedom one day.
A very good post.
Thanks for making a mention of my post. I value your support.

Rajeev said...

Living in the present.
Hmmm...that is something difficult to do i guess! I've tried this a lotta times, but failed!
and bout my recent post, It is inspired by my life! There is a part of my life story in it!
:) Now keep that for urself!

peace & love

RubyShooZ said...

It will come Sophiagurl - it comes when we are ready and make the space in our hearts for it.

WE can do this!

Peace, love and understanding.dshldw

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Zunnur - Yes prioritizing is the key. And boy there are so many things to be done really. And being a working mom working on schedules is a lot of help. I'm glad you chose not to work on weekends.

Like you I treat weekends as sacred and I reserve it for the family, my chance to recharge and my time to be with my kids. God Bless!

@@@Martha - Welcome and I am glad you came to visit. With work and kids schedules sometimes tend to get meshed and we do need order to get everything done on time.

But don't we all long to do as we please sometimes? hehe. Do come back to visit.

@@@Surjit - thank you Surjit, that post of your stuck like glue to me and I thought about it for days. And that inspired me to write this post as well. God Bless!

@@@Jeevy - We're on the same wavelength on this I guess. And wow your article was fantastic. thank you for sharing where you got your ideas. Should I have not posted your comment here? ooops.

@@@Rubyshooz - Thank you for the vote of confidence and yes we can do it! Love your shoes btw. hope you'll come back again to visit. =) God Bless!!

Colin said...

Some parts of my life are done through routine, as I served in the army clothes would be ironed in a particular fashion, boots highly polished etc, and that lives with me even now, but for the rest of the time I live for here and now, can't change yesterday, don't worry about tomorrow, look after today, go with the flow, life is so much simpler. Do something on the spur of the moment, it's much more fun....after all, life IS for living, so live it.
Lovely post my friend :)

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Colin - yes discipline like that tend to get stuck and become our lifestyle.

Living for the moment...I try my best to do that each day. It's hard but I know I can always try.

God bless you my dear friend.

Monday Morning Power said...

Your graphics on this post are so enticing....a few moments of peace.
Thank you.

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Monday Morning Power - i loved the pictures too...thank you for visiting. God bless!