Sunday, October 07, 2007

One Fine Day

October 8th marks our 10th wedding anniversary. That's hubby and me after taking our vows. We were both a bit teary-eyed and the emotion is still high.

We were suprised to realize it has been a decade already! It seems like it only happened yesterday. I put on my wedding dress, my mom and dad were teary-eyed as we drove to the church, I walked down the aisle and we took our vows. Now we have a family of our own.

If there was anything that changed between us, I guess it was our love growing stronger each day. Many people have asked me how is it that hubby and I still seem like we were dating. I answered, "well I guess that's probably because we still that is." Most couples tend to be so serious about being mom and dad that they sometimes forget that before there was a family...there were only the two of us. And nurturing that relationship is very very important. It's the foundation of a happy family.

I remembered my mom giving me "bride talks" when my wedding day was drawing near. She always said, "always be there for him no matter what...and don't forget looking good all the time won't hurt too." I laughed at that, looking good? Well, my mom looks very young for her age and she has maintained her skin and figure. She most emphatically told me to do the same. Haha! Well, Ma, I'm trying my seems to be working too...I hope I can keep it up.

What was the most unforgettable thing I remembered on my wedding day? My answer would have to be marrying the right man. Some bride would say, it was the dress, the church, the cake, our friends, the reception...but for me it was my husband. I remember the great love we felt for each other and how forever started for us that one fine day.

Here's a song hubby and I both love.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. ~ Mignon McLaughlin

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Happy Anniversary honey looking forward to the coming years with you! Love you!


Colin said...

Hi Lisa,

Wonderful photo and you both look so happy and obviously still are :)

Many congratulations to you both on your 10th anniversary :)

The years soon pass don't they? Yet when you have each other, with such love and devotion, time is nothing, it is limitless as is your love.

I wish you both a wonderful anniversary, and many years of happiness.

God Bless

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Colin - Hey thanks my friend...I hope and pray that the coming years will be as good to us.

You are so right, love cannot be limited. It's not supposed to be questioned. It's supposed to be accepted for what it is.

Now the feet in my avatar has a face=) Hahaha! God bless you my dear friend.

akanksha said...

That was shooooooo sweet.Straight from the heart.The pic was lovely..i couldnt help but smile at it.

Ahppy 10th Anniversary..may god bless u both with great happiness and may your togetherness see bigger dreams come cr



May you always share the kind of love and joy in years ahead.

You said: "before there was a family...there were only the two of us." I totally agree with you as it's almost the same phrase I've been saying to my husband for the past 6 yrs ^_^

For myself, as I'm a product of not-so-harmony parents, a marriage that is founded in Him does really make a difference. I've seen the difference including in yours - and mine.

Wishing you BOTH countless years of heavenly filled wonders. God bless.

~ Annita

Mad goat lady said...

Oh my goodness it took so long for your site to allow me to leave a comment..lucky I am determined :P

I love the way you write and in fact your whole blog..I have added you to my blogroll so I can share you..I hope that is ok?

I will be back for more :)

Mad goat lady said...


Love that quote and love your blog..have added you to my blogroll...hope that's ok?

Will be back for more :)

sweet girl said...

Happy Marriage anniversary,,dear .
Nice to hear about your evergrowing love,
I think I have learnt a lot from you (your mother too)...

Be Happy and be together...

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Akanksha - thank you very much for your wishes. I'm sure you'd very very happy too when your turn will come=) God bless!

@@@Annita - Hubby and I are very touched at your kind wishes. And eventhough your parents did not have a so harmonious relationship I can see that you love your family very much from your blog.

God bless you my friend.

@@@Mad Goad Lady - I do apologize for the inconvenience but I am really glad that you came true, I trully value your comments=) Welcome and looking forward to seeing you back here.

@@@Sweet Girl - thank you my dear I'm glad you learned something from me and my mom. The key realy is to follow your heart.=) I wish you happiness with your bf.

Erin said...

Congrats! What a sweet story.

Norie said...

Hi "mga anak". I am glad to know that love still blooms after 10 years of being together. They always say " love is sweeter, lovelier, the each time around."
Marriage is a commitment and there will be no commitment without love. I am proud to have a loving daugther. Keep on... love you very much.

Sameera said...

Belated Happy Anniversary.God bless the bond you both share :)

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Erin - Thanks! and thank you also for visiting.

@@@Norie - thanks dad, i learned my first lesons in love from you and nay. I love you very much too!

@@@Sameera - thank you very much for the blessing. I'm glad you visited and hope to see you back here soon. Thank you for the add=) God bless you too!