Friday, November 30, 2007


I seem to be in a state called writer's block. Been trying to finish my post last weekend but I ended up cleaning house and watching a movie instead. My mind seems to be adrift lately...I am probably suffering from information overload and rebooting could be a really good idea right now. LOL! Could also be the after effects of the medicines that I took during my bout of influenza. Not to mention the unsuccessful military coup that ravaged the city where I work in yesterday. Well, this is what came out...hope you like it.

In my country, as early as September christmas carols could be heard on the radio and on the department stores. Christmas decorations and all sorts of gifts are scattered all over the Metropolis. Some people already have decorations at their homes as soon as Halloween's over. We probably have one of the longest Christmas celebrations there is. LOL.

So it has began... the yearly celebration that makes people shop till they drop, decorate their houses with all things red and green, glowing lights in all houses, christmas trees and gifts under the trees. Lovers kissing under the mistletoe. It's Christmas time once again folks!

As I was trying my best to finish my Christmas list (a never ending list of people I give gifts to on a yearly basis) my eldest daughter Pia came up to me and asked a simple question that would send me reeling off in a tangent. "Mommy? Christmas day is Jesus' birthday right?", to which I answered, "Yes honey, it's the day He was born." She was frowning at my answer and looked at the list I was coming up with. "Then how come His name is not in the list you are buying gifts for? What are you giving Him this Christmas?" Wow and just like that she had me speechless.

I guess it's true. I am guilty of it as well. Every year people would be sooo busy buying gifts, decorating their house, cooking up a feast but totally forget the real reason for the celebration. I was particularly touched by a recent post that my Dad wrote it's called Pondering Christmas .

An easy enough question - but what am I giving Him this Christmas? Been thinking about this for the past few days and have not really come up with anything special. So I asked my daughter what she thinks we should give Him for Christmas . . . she said "why don't we invite Him to stay in our house on His birthday?" A smile crossed my face. A simple answer but very very meaningful.

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~ Burton Hillis

So what are you giving Him this christmas?


SusieJ said...

The courage to live without emotional stress. Not needed -- and it hurts everyone around me.

Sameera said...

Writer's block he?When you have time could you put up a post about Kiva dear?I had been tagged to write about it but did not tag anyone in turn.

What a lovely thought that is,your daughter's innocent question surely rings a bell in minds of us adults :)

Hope you have a great time preparing for Xmas sweetie.Hugsss

Sophiagurl said...

@@@SusieJ - Oh dear it is sometimes hard keeping up with the family and we mothers get very stressed trying to gel everything together. Will pray for you dear...hang in there. We're here for you. God bless!

@@@Sameera - Hey! well actually I think laziness is more the word. Your kiva-tips are really good. I really admire you for coming up with sensible and thought-provoking posts.

Christmas preparations are underway...I guess it's all the more fun because I'm doing it with my girls. God bless you dear!


Hello Sophia :)

Loveeeed the quote you put at the end. "The presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." We've been going thru valley life moments.

During this time, we've learned it's not the quantities of presents, it's the quality of our love we've been giving each other :)

Thank you for this reminder. I shall remind myself too what I'm giving Him this Christmas :)

Take care there :)
and God bless you all :)

DreamCatcher said...

hmm christmas..though dont celebrate ..i like very much feeling of it..holidays!!!:)

n info overload..ha ha well sis i dont think u need rebooting..jst few DVDs will do

Ori said...

you have a sweet girl :) her question was so nice...

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Annita - glad you liked it! You know Christmas time in my family is really about having the whole family come together and celebrate. I look forward to it every year even though it's kinda tiring preparing for =)

@@@DreamCatcher - I guess it could be compared to your Diwali Festival. It's the most wonderful time of the year for me. Haha, you are right a few movies did wonders =)thanks, take Care.

@@@Ori - yes she is, she asks a lot of simple yet thought-provoking questions. =) thanks for dropping by.

surjit said...

Truthful words:
..'The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other......'
A wonderful Post.
Thanks Sophiagurl, for sharing.
God Bless.

cotojo said...

Hello my friend,
Wonderful post...never mind rebooting just go for a reformat LOL.
I would say to your daughter that Jesus is in your house all of the time, you cannot see Him, touch Him, smell Him, but He is in your heart for evermore and walks beside you every step of every day, ever watching.
What could anyone give Him for Christmas apart from the love in their heart.

There is an award for you to collect sometime when you are passing:

Have a wonderful week,
God Bless,

cotojo said...

Hi Lisa,
the link love train is headed your way :)


Sophiagurl said...

@@@Surjit - thank you, I am really honored when you like my posts. God bless and happy weekend!

@@@Colin - Rebooting...hmmm why am I not surprised that you'd say that? LOL! And thank you for the award...and a choo-choo train too? Wow! Will pack my bags and join you very soon my friend.

Happy weekend!

louann said...

Yes, we fail to forget the true reason for the season.