Saturday, November 03, 2007

I can't let go

I have been tagged by my good friend Jackie author of The Painted Veil to name three things in my life that I cannot let go of.

Here's my list:

1) MY LOVE FOR GOD - I cannot even begin to describe how important my faith and my love for God is. All I can say is I am nothing without Him.

2) MY FAMILY - I was often asked where do you keep your valuables? What bank do you invest in? What do you think would be the best place to invest your time and money in? My answer would always be...MY FAMILY. And the people asking me would say, "What? Aren't they cost centers not investments?" And I would reply , "Can any bank guarantee unconditional love, 24-7 love on call, high-interest yield without putting any money in - as long as you put in a lot of time and love on a regular basis?" They would be shaking their heads. "There you go", I would say. My family is my greatest wealth. When I have my family's love and support on my side I feel like I can do anything.

3) BLOGGING - Blogging has been a tremendous help to me, it has been therapeutic. Through blogging I was able to express myself and meet new friends that I could build lasting friendships with.

Now I would love to hear from my three new friends here in the blogosphere. What is it that you cannot let go of?




I would like to end this post with a lovely message I received last week.

God is at work in your life
even when you do not recognize it or understand it.
But it's much easier and profitable when you cooperate with Him.
"Success can be measured not only in achievements, but in lessons learned,
lives touched and moments shared along the way"

LIFE IS AN ECHO. What you send out, you get back.
What you give, you receive.


zunnur said...

Hi Sophia,
I'm very much impressed with the way you look at and explained "MY FAMILY". Yes, we have to invest adequate time for our family to build a strong relationship full of love and happy environment, when home becomes the best place on earth.

Sameera said...

Lovely post,so very like the sweet Lisa I have come to know :)

Btw I donno why I keep getting the same thing back to back these days,first the award and now a tag!Will do yours first,going by the date of tagging.He he.Thanks for the tag dear,you are the first one to have done so!

Take care,have a wonderful week ahead.God Bless...

Shinade said...

Hi Sophia,
I too am impressed with how you explain your family and wealth.

However, it is the quote along the bottom that has touched me the most.

I find myself in a place and time where some of my most deepest beliefs are changing as I move around this thing we call the blogosphere.

Please don't misunderstand my faith and belief in God could never go away or be challenged. But, he is working in my life to open my eyes to others and take in so much that I am faltering at times as I am overwhelmed.

I will be glad when this time of learning has passed and I can once again solidly put my feet beneath myself. And, do a much better job for the Lord than I have been doing.

God Bless,

Anonymous said...

lovely knowing more about you...wonderful reading!

Abhishek Khanna said...

blogging is jus an awesome adiction

Colin said...

Lovely post Lisa,

I have that tag to do too LOL.

Family is definitely the best thing to invest time and money in, it gives support all round :)

As for blogging...we're all part of an extended family aren't we?

God Bless and have a great week


Hello Sophia,
I agree with you that without God we are nothing. He gives us new hopes when life seems at its most bleak.

Family is our other source of joy. Precious gift from above. Yes, it's where we should invest 'most' .. the returns would be beyond the money could give.

Glad to know you too in this blogosphere :)

Blessings for all of you
~ Annita

PS. I have this tag too. LOL. (it's on my to-dos list).

Sameera said...

Hi dear,this aint a comment..Jus wanted to tell you I did the tag! :)

Love and Hugs...

preetilata said...

hi!! lisa. it's very nicely written tag. loved whatever u hv wrttn as me 2 value these things.

got 2 know abt ur blog thru sameer's blog.

oh..ur blog is very beautiful. templt is lovely.

will visit u regularly. me blogrolling u. hope u wont mind.

tk cr
:) :) :)


heloooo ...

just dropping by :)

take care dear :)

Tina Su said...

Great Post! Thanks for inspiring me. I really enjoy the content of your blog.

Love & Gratitude,
Think Simple. Be Decisive.
~ Productivity, Motivation & Happiness

Norie said...

Well said anak. Money is not all. You have chosen a very high yield investment. Interest grows every second. As for time is timeless. The word JOY simply means.....

J-ESUS first
O-others second
Y-ou last

May you have them all.

Norie said...

You made me rich. Love you.

akanksha said...

feels good to be back here :-) i missed u sooo much.

Nice post!!!! and the msg at the end was heart touching....loved it :-)

Sophiagurl said...

HI Guys,

Sorry for my delayed reply to all of you. My hands are tied 'so-to-speak' but I'm back now. Been a little busy.

@@@Zunnur - thank you my friend, my best and joyful times are always spent with my family and nothing can ever replace them in my heart. Glad to see you back! Have a great weekend.

@@@Sameera - Wow, you make me feel good all the time. Thank you dear and I love the way you did your tag. =)

@@@Shinade - thank you Jackie. We are changing with the times but deep inside we always know who we can trust and we bank on it. God bless you and your family.

@@@Kalyan - thank you for dropping by. I am glad you liked my post.

@@@Abhishek Khanna - I believe I am a certified blog addict, LOL. Glad to see you here, hope you'll come again and visit.

@@Colin - looking forward to reading yours =) I am glad you liked it. Like you I value my family a lot. God bless you my friend=)

@@@Annita - thank you dear for always looking out for me. You are endearing yourself to me more and more each day. I surely am joyful to meet you here too! God bless you and your family.

@@@Preetilata - I am glad to see you here and thank you so much for your kind comment. Visited your site too and loved it. I also blogrolled you! Hope to see you back here.

@@@Tina Su - I am glad that I was able to inspire you and only too happy that you enjoyed my blog. thanks!

@@@Norie - thanks Dad, it was you and Ma who taught me where I should put all my investments and I'm glad I listened, now I'm reaping the gold. I love you very much too!

@@@Akanksha - Hey I am sooo glad to see you back here. I missed you lots too! I am glad you liked it. =) Take care my dear...hugggggss.