Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Start the Year Right

Happy New Year guys!

I thought I should start the year by thanking my friends for being a part of my blogging life for the past year. Here are two awards I received recently from two good friends in a link love extreme. Thank you Colin and Mauro C .



Here's the list of awardees. Congratulations!

0-Cotojo 1-Lisa , 2-Kim,

3-Deborah, 4-Pearl, 5-Sandy,

6-Jesse, 7-Chris, 8- Colin

9-Santa, 10-Blog Elf, 11-Jackie,

12-Marzie, 13-Adrian, 14-Jos,

15-NAFA SG, 16-Paula, 17-Sue,

18-Kathy 19-Maartje, 20-Morgan,

21-Greg, 22-MaryAnn, 23-Eric,

24-Hawk, 25-Carol, 26-Diane,

27-Ev Nucci, 28-Surjit, 29-Kuanyin,

30-Christy Z, 31-Sandee, 32-Robin,

33-Hanna, 34-Maunie, 35-Kim,

36-Bobby, 37-Billy, 38-David, 39-Jennifer,

40-Aryst, 41-Winston, 42-Christy,

43-LilyRuth, 44-Jess, 45-Rudy,

46-Lynda, 47-Lili, 48-Sandy G,

49-Ange, 50-BlackWyrm, 51-Vincent,

52-Colin & Anne, 53-Blandly Urbane, 54-Marco,

55-Mihaela Lica, 56-John C, 57-Aziz-sm,

58-Ugyen, 59-Lansy, 60-Alex Badalic,

61-Victors, 62-Nostalgia Manila, 63-Franco Yong,

64-Herby, 65-Rubie, 66-Santaram & BVK,

67-Jean-david, 68-Namgay, 69-Catherine,

70-Yunita P, 71-Debbie Dolphin, 72-Lorimer Black,

73-Dream Catcher, 74-Fred Plimley, 75-Anja Merret,

76-Maria Lourdes, 77-Jon B, 78-Aayush,

79-Denise, 80-Dharmendra P, 81-Brent D,

82-Jerry & Daryl McCoy, 83-Brian B, 84-Calvin Innes,

85-Pieter Marburn, 86-Jessica Field, 87-Taflas,

88-Alex Sysoef, 89-Norie, 90-Justin Stanley,

91-Ashish, 92-David Ledoux, 93-Thanate Tan,

94-Kevin, 95-Etienne, 96-Gerbera,

97-Christina, 98-Abhishek d, 99-Uprai,

100-Texas_Jam, 101-Azmiel, 102-Daniel,

103-Kristin B, 104-Luwis, 105-Adavait,

106-Now Sourcing, 107-Buen Amigo, 108-Kiran Pande,

109-Peterson Wong, 110-Lynn, 111-Chessnoid,

112-Luis Hipolito, 113-Joliveira, 114-Jennifer & Pete,

115-Team Dog, 116-Megan, 117-Mark,

118-Raivyn, 119-Mel, 120-Andrea,

121-Jen / domestika, 122-Mimi, 123-Bobo,

124-Lynda Lehmann, 125-Dread Bob, 126-Julie,

127-RennyBA, 128-Bobbarama, 129-Becky,

130-Magdalena, 131-Michelle, 132-Stacie,

133-Climate of Our Future Team, 134-CashMarble, 135-OilOffShoreMarine,

136-Jos Additional BlogLove, 137-Piper, 138-Barbara,

139-Ann Clemmons, 140-Deb, 141-madang.com,

142-RamblingMoo.com, 143-blogginginmypyjamas, 144-StylewithPassion,

145-Chinneeq, 146-Dora-zooropazoo, 147-Babyshern,

148-HiPnCooLMoMMa 149-Rachel’s Soulful Thoughts 150-When Silence Speaks,

151-Dancing in Midlife Tune, 152-Underneath it All, 153- I am Dzoi,

154-Hobbies and Such, 155-moms…..check nyo, 156-Choc Mint Girl,

157-Amel’s Realm, 158- My Thoughts, 159-Rusin Roundup,

160-Juliana’s Site, 161-Max, 162-Rooms of My Heart,

163-A Great Pleasure, 164-LadyJava’s Lounge, 165-Jesie,

166-Steven, 167-Trinity, 168-Leena,

169-Nick, 170-Nessa, 171-Debbie Dolphin,

172- Anna t, 173-krrey_boo, 174-Logic,

175-Steve Ho, 176-Virtual Entrepreneur, 177-WalksFarWoman,

178-Anna, Beth & Cory’s Mom, 179-Toon, 180-Belinda

181-EPSpeaks, 182-Teacher Julie 183-jafajfer,

184-pmonchet, 185-Aslan, 186-arouetvoltaire ,

187-Tanny, 188-Il vaso di Pandora, 189-Non Lineare,

190-Omniamundamundis, 191-LineaNeuronica, 192-Semplicemente Lisa

193-la penna che graffia 194-Angelbaby, 195-Divya,

196-Cyn, 197-Donna, 198-Liudmila,

199-djeblog, 200-Gracie Belle, 201-Reverend Ray,

202-Walter Winstuff, 203-Denny, 204-Terry (mee mOe),

205-awannabe, 206-Z.S., 207-Il Gnagnera,

208-Kevin Grieves, 209-DatCurious, 210-DatMoney,

211-Sanni, 212-Rolando’s Quiet Space, 213-SatoNa ,

214-Levian , 215-21Knots, 216-PuTLie,

217-Riciard’s, 218-Darlene, 219-Rantings of a Woman,

220-La Place de Cherie , 221-Enjoying The Ride, 222-A Window To Our World,

223-Juliana, 224-Retchel’s Pure Life, 225-We Are Family,

226-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 227-Echoes of Life, 228-My 3 Boys and I,

229-Mammagatta, 230-Juliana’s Lair, 231-Bless Sanctuary,

232-Confessions of An Army Wife , 233-Jean’s my So-called Life, 234-So cute tiny pixels,

235-Denz Techtronics Blog, 236-Wanna Be On Top!, 237-Carpe Diem,

238-My so-called Life, 239-TEEBOB, 240-Kikay,

241-Alaverde33, 242-CC’s Lifestyles and Reviews, 243-Pinay’s Lifestyles,

244-Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, 245-The Creativity Of Me, 246-OzLife

247-Scattered Thoughts of Mine, 248-Another Journal of Mine, 249-My Drama,

250-By The Way, 251-Paul, Toni and Lance - Bridging the Distance, 252-Live Love Pink,

253-In The Lance’s Mind, 254-My Life, 255-Rants and Ramblings,

256-WorldBlog, 257-Our Journey to Life, 258-Simply the best,

259-Paul and Toni, 260-Alpha’s Blog, 261-because life is fun,

262-The Simple Life of a Baghag, 263-Rose DesRochers, 264-Sweet Lullaby,

265-AnitoKid, 266- Lisa WAHM, 267-Ben Spark

268-Kesa, 269-Mauro, 270-Sindi

271-Alianorah, 272-Jennie, 273-CTN,

274-Jeremy, 275-Polliwog’s Pond, 276-Yvette,

277-Ali (DorisDay), 278-Rodney, 279-Alice,

280- WBAustin, 281-Max, 282-Rodney

283-Karen, 284-Michelle, 285-Stacy

286-SvenMarin, 287-CoolingStar9, 288-Billy Jack,

289-bbrian, 290-Cris Zimermann, 291-Franx,

292-Ramil, 293-JaniceNW, 294-Cathrina Jones

295-Bels, 296-Raman, 297-Jeques,

298-NPSG, 299-Anndi, 300-Georganna,

301-Jeane Michelle Culp, 302-Sam Chan, 303-Kumowai,304-Michiko, 305-Buchiko, 306-Doodski, 307-Jeevy, 308-Sameera, 309-Annita, 310-Sweet Girl, 311-Jeya Anand

Link Love Rules - Make Blogs Not Wars.

All you guys rock!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
A very Happy New Year to you and your family too.
Now what a wonderful post to start with....lots of link love lol...
Congrats on your awards my dear friend :)
Huggs and kisses,

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Happy New Year dear.Thanks for the message but I do not see my name here ;)

Have a great year ahead,best wishes to you and your lovely family.Hugsss


Hello Lisa,

FIRST, let me give you a hug on this New Year!! .. it's new yr morning here :)

Congrats for those awards!!! .. you're indeed one fabulous-inspiring female blogger.

Wishing you the best in your life this year. May God give you desires of your heart. May He opens the doors that were closed last yr.

Take care there dear friend,
~ Annita

ps. btw, I'm still on my little holiday from blogging .. he he he

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Oops I am so sorry!Silly me to not have seen the scroll bar the first time around.I thought you put your name there by mistake,he he :)

Thanks a lot dear,what better New Year gift in Bloggerville could there be?Thanks so much.Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
You can kill me for this later lol
You have been TAGGED
Have a good day my friend,


Hello Lisa,

I just realized you included my name in the list .... Thank you for thinking of me ..

again, Congrats for those awards ..

have a blessed week
I need to go (Emily just woke up)

Take care,
~ annita

Jeevy said...

congrats & thanx a ton for those awards! :)
So how wuz the new years party! :>


surjit said...

Congrats Lisa, for these wonderful awards.You really deserve them and many more.
God bless.

RennyBA said...

Congrats with this lovely Award Lisa!

And while I'm at it: Happy New Year, or Godt Nytt År as we say it in Norway :-)


Hello Lisa :) ...

I came here to say a goodbye to you. I'm really sorry I perhaps have just shocked you w/ this news.

I have only ONE reason why I'm doing: current life situations.

I wish I could run from them and - hide. But I can't.

THANK YOU for being a dear blogging friend. THANK YOU for reaching out to me.

I'm going to delete my accounts within this week.

Wishing lots of blessings for you and your family.

Sending you TWO HUGS: for YOU and your princess.

HUGSSSS ~ Annita