Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Magical Carpet Ride

I was recently visited by two genies from Mariuca wishing on a falling star. They got hold of me through my friend Colin author of the blog called Life. Thank you both for the visit. And now I've been named a Genie Princess=) My daughters were asking me if they could be one too! LOL.

And now here is the difficult part. I must pass along the gift of the magic carpet ride with the genies to five very fortunate Kings or Princesses that are deemed worthy of such an honor.

1.Sweet Girl of My Life My Views
2.Zunnur of A Little Time
3.Debk of Ten Forty
4.Doodski of A Rainbow After the Sorm
5.Dani of the Lonely Hurts

Codes are given below: Please visit the link above at Mariuca for the code.

Genie Princess

Genie King

The Genie King, the Genie Princess and their trusty Genie Buddy have visited:

Mariuca would like to wish for success and fame.

Adrian would like to wish for good health and happiness.

Emila would like to wish for happiness and success.

MPG would like to wish for love and peace.

Bobby would like to wish for the powers of Superman and immortality.

Jean would like to wish for stress-free work environment and happiness.

Trinity would like to wish good health for Jan’s brother & Yah & Wan & success.

Jesse would like a great isp and a Yummy box of chocolates.

Jay would like to wish for 10k visitors and readers per day.

Spiff, The Spaceman would like a billion US Dollars! (Am I being too greedy here?)

Rolando would like everyone’s hearts desire to come true.

Sam would like to wish for a happy & simple life and happiness to everyone.

Speedcat Hollydale would like a pet acorn monkey named “Monkee“.

Joezul would like to wish for all to get their wish come true.

Promthep would like to be successful in everything.

kumo would like to wish everybody a better day every next day.

NAFASG would like to build a better community for everyone.

Levian would like to be happy always.

Apple would like to be slimmer.

Menopauseprincess would like peace, happiness, love, health & prosperity for everyone!

Morgan would like to wish for love, laughter, sunshine & blue skies for EVERYONE!!!

Kellie would like to wish for happiness & love to be bestowed on her family & friends.

LadyJava would like to wish for love, health, beauty and wealth for one and all.

Keeyit would like to wish for staying healthy and happily with family.

Colleen wishes everyone be well and happy.

Spookygrace would like to have a busy traffic and making money blog.

Shinade would like to send love,peace,wealth and good health to everyone.

Cotojo would like more Love, Peace, Harmony, Understanding and safety for our children throughout the entire world.

Bobo would like health and wealth for everyone she loves (including all her blogfriends).

Auntie Dar would love to end animal cruelty.

Chinnee would like to wish for happiness and good health forever!

Ozzieblackcat would like to wish for success for her blog!

Rinnah would like to wish for more good paying opps to come my way!

Bless would like to wish for more happiness & more blessing for family & world peace.

La Chanson de Phoenix would like to wish for a small bottle of sweet perfume.

Sophiagurl would like to wish for the good health of her mom and dad, peace and prosperity for her brother's family, a baby for her sister, good health and blessings for her husband and two daughters,peace, love and happiness for everyone.

Sweet Girl would like to wish that as long as she lives ,she has the company and love of sweetu(pkd)

Zunnur would like to wish for an escape to a place with fresh air, green earth, blue skies and nice people.

Doodski would like to wish for good health, peace and happiness for his family. Good health for his mom and dad.Good health and blessings for his sister Lisa's family.Good health and a baby for his sister Bubut's family.

Welcome aboard the Magical Flying Carpet for the Ride of your Life!

***End Copying Here***

Make sure you come back often and update your list.


Colin said...

Hey Lisa,
Nice one, looks really cool LOL.
As more join we all need to add them to our lists and generate a tidal wave of Magic Carpets....glad you're on board :o)


keeyit said...

Hi Lisa,
Join us for this advantures journey. Let's feel the breeze !

FL Sam said...

welcome onboard the magical ride. I have added you at my site. :)

Mariuca said...

Alakazam! The Genie Princess is here to personally welcome u to the Magical Flying Carpet! She’s very happy that you’ve decided to join the ride and had a good time reading your post!

The Genie Princess would be even happier if u choose to put up one of the genie icons in your sidebar! Hold on tight as we begin the most magical ride ever!

Genie Princess

Sweet Girl said...

thanks for sending the genies to me,,

take care

Rajeev said...

hehe! nice post! :P

Doodski said...

Thanks Lisa! This is interesting. Im ready for the ride hehe..thanks again.

Kalyan said...

A magical ride indeed...lovely post!

akanksha said...

Well...magical post!!!!:-) tk cr

zunnur said...

Hi Sophia,
Thanks for inviting me to join the ride. I've posted my wish.

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Colin - thanks! took me awhile to post but I finally did it.

@@@Keeyit - thanks!

@@@Fl Sam - thanks for the add.

@@@Genie Princess - thank you for visiting=) finished posting the genie princess in my side bar.

@@@Sweet Girl - You are most welcome dear and thank you for joining.

@@@Rajeev = thanks Jeevy!

@@@Doodski - hehe, will look forward to your post. thanks Kuya.

@@@Kalyan - thanks Kalyan, congratulations on your 100th post! Keep it coming.

@@@Akanksha - glad you like it. thanks!

@@@Zunnur - saw your post, thank you for participating=) God bless!