Monday, September 24, 2007

Meant to Give

I went to the supermarket this afternoon to buy some essentials and as soon as I walked into the store I was greeted by Christmas carols. I thought to myself, "gosh it's that time of the year again." And before I start to panic thinking about my christmas list I went straight to the health and beauty row of the store and quickly grabbed what I'm supposed to buy and got out as fast as I could.

It's not that I don't like Christmas, on the contrary, it's my favorite time of the year! I guess I was just not ready to review my shopping list, yet. As I walked back to my building I remembered a Christmas when our company was involved in a project called "Adopt an Angel". This project involved all the employees and a chosen orphanage. A big Christmas tree was placed in the lobby and all employees are supposed to pick a name of a child and fulfill their wish. My colleagues mostly got names of new born babies who were requesting for milk and diapers or medicines. As I was picking a name, I was expecting to read a similar request.

But boy was I wrong! I opened the paper and saw that my angel wished for a new bike and rubber shoes! I was the only one in the company who got such a request! Even the CEO only got milk and clothes as a request. Everyone was joking me around about it.

As the day of the Christmas party at the orphanage was drawing near I knew I had to buy what was requested. I thought a bike was expensive and the rubber shoes too! I could have bought something for my daughters for that price. But I thought my children always had enough of everything, toys, love, food and shelter. This boy does not even have parents! So in the spirit of Christmas I bought the bike and the rubber shoes.

I volunteered to come to the party because I wanted to see the boy's eyes as he received my gifts. When I saw the seven-year-old boy, I felt my heart crying from the inside out. He looked unkempt and lost and totally needing a lot of loving. Know what? He never left my side all throughout the party, his little hands kept searching for mine. I hugged and took care of him that afternoon and when the time came when I was to give him the gifts I was so consumed with anticipation. I knew receiving it would give him tremendous joy.

He was jumping up and down when he saw the lonely bike among the gifts gathered in one big table. When I walked towards him with it, I asked, "want to try ride your bike?". He said, "Is that really for me?!" He cried and started to hug and kiss me. He told me that he knew his request would probably not be granted...but he hoped Santa would intervene=)

You know I could never forget that boy and the tremendous love and happiness that I felt for him as I was handing over my gifts. My heart was overflowing with the feeling of joy because I made someone happy. From that moment on I thought all of us were not only receivers of gifts, we were also meant to give.

Here's a message that I received from my dad today. He says, Rivers do not drink the water they carry. Trees do not eat the fruit they bear. Clouds do not bathe in the rain they produce. We are meant to give, even if we get nothing from it. Measuring life by what others do may disappoint us, but measuring life by what we do will make life meaningful.

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Life is a gift. Let's be thankful we were chosen to receive it.


Martha Mihaly said...

What a beautiful story, what a generous gesture. You are lovely.

Sweet Girl said...

It was really great of you to fulfill the request,,and not thinking that you were wasting money which you would have used for your daughters,,,,you really have a good heart..
we all should be ready to give also...I agree with you

louann said...

You are so sweet! You made such a BIG difference in the life of this child.
Our office does the same every December and it truly breaks my heart to have to leave the orphanage with the kids wave good bye to us.

akanksha said...

hey that was a really kind gesture...sometimes the money doesnt matter..its all worth when u see the smile which flashed because of u!!!!

Jennifer said...

Very touching post!

Thank you for reminding me that life is about what we give...

Warmest wishes,


dadaism said...

indeed it is a privilege to be in a position to give.

Colin said...

That's the real joy of Christmas isn't it? It's not about money or the receiving but more about helping those less fortunate that ourselves.
For myself, my daughter spends alternate years with me at Christmas, so the year that she isn't here I could go to my family or friends, but it's more satisfying helping to provide a hearty meal and gifts that are donated for those have nowhere to go, they have no family or friends.

The look on their faces is payment enough. I can see family and friends at any time of the year, but it's also very satisfying to be able to assist in a community driven effort.

Love your post my friend:)

God Bless

surjit said...

What a kind and gerneous gesture...
Great words of wisdom from your father:
'....We are meant to give, even if we get nothing from it..'
Thanks for sharing.God bless.

Kalyan said...

lovely reading your thoughtful & I think the last paragraph really captured the essence of the entire is a beautiful gift & we should really cherish it every moment!

RubyShooZ said...

Dear Heart Sofiagurl,

Thank you so much for this beautiful and inspiring post. I too, agree with the others that the last paragraph, the message from your dad is just exquisite. I'd like to use that if I could. That's a message that's meant to be shared.
My thoughts upon reading this letter are/were what a lovely woman you must be participating in this way. The next thought was how I'd like to do this sort of thing too - (something I've been just thinking of doing - and not actually doing it - *yet*!)
Also thinking how it would be so nice to be able to do this sort of thing throughout the year...not just on christmas....perhaps not in such a big way but I know that it's the small things in life that can make a huge difference in people's lives ...other lives and in our own.

Thank you for the gift of this post. You've moved me in ways that are hard to put into words.

Wishing you peace and beauty in your life today.

~ RS ~

Sophiagurl said...

Sorry guys, I was not able to respond to all your comments right away. I'm neck deep in work and due to go out of town next week.

@@@Martha Mihaly - (blush)thank you. I think it's really me who should thank the little boy for giving me the opportunity to make him happy...even if it's just for awhile=)

@@@Sweet Girl - As a mom and a child before I guess, I know how disappointed a child would feel. And him being an orphan means a lot promises were probably broken in his life. So I wanted to be one of those people who kept it for him. And thank you for your kind words=)

@@@Louann - thanks! actually it was the boy who taught me a good life lesson that day=) and that is the gift of giving.

@@@Akanksha - I actually did not realize how liberating it felt to be able to give happiness to others even if it was only for a short time. =)thanks!

@@@Jennifer - I am so happy this post proved valuable to you and others.thank you for your kind words and visit.

@@@Dadaism - thank you, I guess he brought out the mom in me.

@@@Colin - thank you my dear friend. There is really so much satisfaction and joy in being a part of someone's happiness.

A hearty meal from you would surely make a lot of people happy=) sending over leftovers here would be quite welcomed too. hehe.

@@@Surjit - thank you Surjit, I look up to my dad a lot. He taught me a lot of things and being kind to others is one of them.

@@@Kalyan - thank you very much. You know your photos and poems have the same effect on me. I believe each of us has something to give and it's great meeting a lot of people who are generous enough to share their talents, like you. =)

@@@Rubyshooz - You know, you've made me smile all day Sunday. I feel humbled that lot of people thought a lot of this post.

And by all means share it...this is what it's all about really. Sharing ourselves to others. You have made me even happier with your kind comment and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart. =) God bless!

This Eclectic Life said...

Sigh. Beautiful post, my friend. I'm going to link it this week in my Thursday Thirteen, if you don't mind.

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Shelly - Hi dear, it's always a pleasure being part of your link love. Of course I don't mind. God bless!

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Sameera said...

Oh dear,this had me in tears...True spirit of Christmas and true meaning of life..."We are meant to give"...Cannot agree with you more.Wish more people thought that way.God Bless You for your good heart :)