Sunday, April 08, 2007

how sexy are you?

Sexy. Now there’s a word a lot of women would like to be called. And one that I am sadly NOT (pout). Everyday I see a lot of different women walking the walk, talking the talk and all I could see in the mirror is a man. Okay well, a woman who looks and dresses like a man. Is it my hair? But I love my short hair. (pout again). Is it my stomach bulge? Now, that one I hate. But I can’t seem to get rid of the darned thing! It’s probably all those power lunches that I have been having. (a pout yet again).

When I eat a hotdog, I just chow it down with much gusto. I also eat it with all the works, catsup, mayo and with those oh-so-yummy mustard. and I would enjoy it like crazy. How does a “sexy” woman eat a hotdog? She would probably cut it in small pieces and slowly let it slide down her throat without smudging her lipstick and every man in the room would probably wish they were hotdogs. I’ve always wondered how they do it, probably with years of experience. (envy)

Pants or skirts? I have always opted for pants because I have those ugly, chubby legs. I only wear those skirts when I don’t have a choice. Like when I have to attend a wedding, or if the occasion imposes such attire. I’m sure my husband would like to see me in a more feminine outfit. Deep down inside of me, I guess I want to look like the typical female specie but my body type does not seem to want me to be embarrassed. Or maybe? Maybe I am just not so comfortable being a woman.

I have often asked myself why that is so. I have all those typical female characteristics. I love lipstick, I love colognes (perfumes give me a headache), I love bags, I love shoes, I love clothes and I adore my man. But why am I afraid to show my feminine side? Is it because it makes me feel that I am somehow rendered helpless when other men see me as a woman? Is it because I want to be accepted as an equal and not as the weaker sex?

I read and know of strong and unfeminine women who were deemed as “great” people of our time. Most of their profile, however, does not really fit the “sexy” category. They had great minds and I guess also had lesser time to paint their faces. That makes one wonder? When the mind is more dominant in a woman’s life, does she have to give up her looks?

To know how sexy you are, you might want to take this quiz. I was surprised to discover that the result said that I was quite the seductress =). Here’s the link for you.

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