Monday, April 16, 2007

my baby girl goes to summer school

a few more weeks before school starts here in June and my husband and i are getting a little antsy.

zoe my youngest daughter will start as a Nursery student this school year and knowing that she is quite a handful sends butterflies in my stomach. Will she behave in school? Will the teachers like her or hate her? What if a classmate made her angry? will she rant and rave and hurt someone? Gosh! these crazy thoughts are running wild in my mind and i feel a little guilty having them.

so to prepare her we decided to enroll her to the school's "Smart Start" program which aims to train little tots before the school starts. The program will run for 10 days for one-and-a-half hour each session. my husband and i are hoping that this program will jump start my little girl's sociability and help her mingle with other kids without getting a little violent. a tendency she is inclined to nowadays. ever since she turned 3. she is putting her foot down and sometimes get downright nasty. my husband and i are sometimes at a lost. probably because my first born was the epitome of an angel. i know it's bad to compare, but i guess i just have to save a lot more tricks up my sleeves. she's one tough cookie! but i adore her very much! tips anyone?

today was her first day and i felt guilty and a little sad that i was not the one who brought her to summer school today. i had a prior commitment that I could not get out of, so i had to content myself with text messages from my husband, who volunteered to take our little one to school this morning and from my mom, who picked her up. they gave me a blow-by-blow.

i know i'm just worrying too much, but then what mom doesn't? i got a little teary-eyed this morning when i left early and my little girl was still asleep, i wanted so much to be the one to give her a bath today and fix her hair up. Ahhh the trade-off we moms endure.


louann said...

Felt exactly that same way when my older one started school. ANd I have the same problem with you, well not exactly problem, let's call is 'concern', my older one was and is an angel. Since the day he was born to this day. No tantrums, not hard headed and is very very very behaved. The little one on the other hand is the complete opposite. Ack!

Sophiagurl said...

i totally agree, a different strategy is called for in handling the little one. good thing they're too adorable for their own good. thanks for sharing =)