Thursday, April 26, 2007

on the lighter side...

I had a long day at work today. i had 3 meetings in the morning which finished by lunch time. Me and my friends had lunch at Yellow Cab Pizza Co. We had the New York's Finest pizza and a Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta. that meal was heavenly. when i got back i made some phone calls, signed several letters and documents and attended another meeting. As the end of the day drew near i couldn't help but do a bit of clock-watching. ahh 30 minutes more and i'm outta here!

i won't report for work tomorrow to get my daughter's report card in school, so i had to finish the reports due tomorrow. I signed more documents and letters after the meeting and I felt my eyes were starting to hurt a bit. ahhh it was nerve-wracking! Ack! A few more minutes till i go home, i consoled myself.

I rested my back for awhile and made a mental note that i needed to be home by 8pm. I decided to spend some precious seconds to read some of my "non-office related" e-mails. otherwise known as, junk mails. I came across this one and it made me laugh out loud. hope it makes your day too!

Cat listening to Stevie Wonder

Cat listening to HOUSE music

Cat listening to METAL

Cat listening to HIP HOP

Cat listening to GANGSTA RAP

Cat listening to TECHNO music under ecstasy

The Gangsta Rap is my favorite. Which one is yours? Don't you just love listening to music? have a nice day =)


louann said...

"Isn't she lovely..."
I love Stevie Wonder! And I LOVE that cat listening to Stevie!!! :)

Sophiagurl said...

cool cats=) i liked that one too.

Nan said...

These are hysterical!!

santhosh said...

lol, very nice post