Thursday, May 17, 2007

In God we trust, all others we virus scan

“Trust is like a vase.. once it's broken, though you can fix it the vase will never be same again.”

Trusting people is sometimes very hard to do. And trusting a person with your life? Well, that person must have proven himself worthy!
I just thought about "trust" just now because this morning I took my little one to the hospital. She had red spots all over her body. Although I have some medical background, I always want confirmation when it comes to my kids. So my ever reliable Pedia referred us to a very good Pediatric Dermatologist. I know this doctor was good because he was the one who treated my first child when she was confined due to allergic reaction to wheat. So because of his track record and my past experience with him I trusted my daughter's current condition in his hands. And whatever he prescribed and told us to do we believed - without a doubt, after of course, a lot of questions were asked.

That made me think how can we trust some people and not others? It may come as a surprise to all you that our daily lives are based solely on trust. How? Here are 10 things why?

1. If we did not trust the people who constructed our house, we might not be able to live in it
2. If we did not trust the people who work in the electric company whose job is to provide us with electricity for our daily needs, then we would not be able to cook our breakfast or take a bath before we go to work, iron our clothes, watch TV or worst not be able to blog!
3. If we did not trust the driving skills of the taxi driver or the bus driver who drives us to work daily, we may never have been able to go the places we need to be today!
4. If we did not trust the engineers and architects who designed and constructed the 40-storey building we work in, we might never work for life!
5. If we did not trust the people who makes sure that our phone lines are clear and not barbed then we wouldn't have been able to use the phone to surf the net, blog or call someone in case of an emergency.
6. If we did not trust the people who sell meat and fish in the market, that fills our stomachs daily then we would probably go hungry.
7. If our parents did not trust the teachers who taught us our ABCs and 123s then we never would have finished college at all!
8. If we did not trust the people who take care of our kids when we go to work, then we might not have been able to work the whole day at all!
9. If we did not trust the people who work in the water company we would have been thirsty and stinky creatures walking on earth.
10. If we did not trust the people we live with at home, then what kind of life would we have?

All I'm saying is that our lives are very much dependend on others. We may never really know for sure if all of them are doing what they're suppose to do but the most important thing is that we believe they will do their job well ... and that my friends is called TRUST.

Trusting is hard, like it or not we trust total strangers with the most basic yet important things in our lives. But sometimes "The only way to make a man trustworthy is to trust him. ~Henry L. Stimson


Sweet Girl said...

I was also thinking about trust for few days.
Can we really trust people ....
I don't know..
It's our necessity to trust people...

Sophiagurl said...

i agree that it's really hard to trust people especially if we had a bad experience on trusting. but as Mr. Stimson said sometimes the only way to make a man trustworthy trust him. Have a nice weekend!