Monday, May 14, 2007

vote wisely!

Woke up this morning, still at a lost. the past few weeks we were bombarded with campaign posters, campaign jingles, noises, candidates shaking our hands, some even went from house to house, our gates were used as billboards - whatever happened to the "Post No Bill", i don't know. whatever has been said, when you are holding the ballot in your hand it's between you and your conscience. vote wisely, everybody says but how do you really know who to vote. My criteria?

1. Track record - whatever this person has done in the past, he/she is likely to do again in the future.

2. Family Background - like it or not, our families are a big influence in our lives. A good family background never hurt anyone.

3. What that person stands for or fights for - a candidate's stands are important to me.

4. God-fearing - it really does not matter to me what religion he or she is in, what matters is they should be God-fearing, whatever his or her god might be called.

I usually go with my family when we vote, i must admit I get a little scared and intimidated sometimes by people surrounding the school where we vote. It sometimes gets a little nasty at election locations. Well surprisingly it was quiet when we arrived before 10am this morning. Saw some celebs and my dad even chatted a little with the Bishop in our place. It was done, I casted my vote. Now the vigil is on to make sure that no one steals it.

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