Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When do you hit the panic button?

I woke up at 8am today, feeling quite refreshed and perky. I had myself programmed for some blog reading before I have breakfast. I discovered quite a few good ones last night. I got my laptop ready, propped myself in bed. Hmmmm, this was going be some morning, I said to myself. I pressed the power button and waited for it to boot. It was booting. And I was waiting. And then, nothing. No power. Just a blank screen. What?!

I frantically tried to remember what I did before today. I remembered groggily putting the laptop inside the pack last night before I slept. I put it near our desk in the bedroom. I don't remember dropping it, that's for sure. Or did I? Is it broken? As I tried to calm myself down I got out the manual. My laptop was only a month old, it couldn't die right away could it? Did I use it too long last night? Did I push a wrong button? As I flipped through the pages and did what was instructed, I still got nothing.

I could feel my panic rising and bubbling inside of me as I remembered some important things. Yes, I had to remember it right now when it was too late. First of all, I was not able to back-up my recent files. I have been meaning to do it the other day, but never got around to actually do it. Then I remembered the photos I took from the car show, my kids photos, my office files, my blog template was there for petesakes! and Pia's recognition day photos! God Lord! I was not prepared for this! If only...

I was casting meaningful glances at my husband who was watching TV. Do I hit the panic button now? Another full minute passed with still a blank screen in front of me, I did it. I hit the panic button! "Honey, help me! I think my laptop is broken!" As he checked it out and re-read the user's manual, a thought crossed my mind. What if something like this happened to my life? What if one day it gave up and I was not ready? What would I do if my time ran out and I was not able to do back-up? How do I get it back on? My mind was racing. It was still on warranty I could go to the store where I bought it and have it fixed. Yes, that calmed me down. As it happens, the battery was only a little loose, thank God! It was working again!!!

Lessons I learned today? Do not panic right away. Check things out first, exhaust all options before hitting the panic button. Like I did. Back up your files at all times! You'll never know when a glitz like that will happen. And lastly take care of your things, care for it like it says in the manual. If it's important to you, don't take it for granted. How about you? When do you hit the red button?

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