Sunday, May 06, 2007

the inconvenient truth

Yesterday, the phone lines in our area was cut. my dad kept calling me in the office asking me to call my cousin who works for the telephone company to check why we had no dial tone. and there I was hoping to spend my Friday evening lurking your sites! No phone, no internet connection ergo no blogwatching. Sigh. Anyways, according to my cousin one of the probable cause of the phone glitz are those posters of candidates glued to some exposed phone lines in our area. Here's a picture taken by Jeff Werner on how irritating and inconvenient the elections can be here in my side of the world.

But alas! The phone went up again this morning. Last night I had to content myself organizing songs in my i-pod. But now I'm back, I hope did not miss much. Happy weekend!


Retro Attic said...

No phone?? Awful! I can't go long without my internet! You've been tagged. Check my blog to find out what I mean.

louann said...

This sight look all too familiar. Add the waiting sheds full of posters, trash cans with campaign sticker. argh!

Sophiagurl said...

ok, something is definitely going on. this is the 3rd time I posted a comment here and I seem to have lost the first 2 + the 3rd commenter on this post.

Thanks Retro Attic for tagging me, it's my first time =). Saw the waiting sheds too Louann and I can't wait till the elections are over =( and for the 3rd comment - I don't know what happened but it seems that your comment got lost. Hope that won't deter you from commenting on my posts. God bless you people!