Sunday, June 24, 2007

an unforgettable vacation

Imagine sipping coffee in the morning with this view in front of you?

How about a nice massage along the beach while sipping a cool and tall mango shake here?

How about lying down in this lounger while putting on some oil?

I sat atop this rock just taking in all the beautiful view before me.

We walked hand in hand here, barefoot with the cool white powdery sand in our feet.

Willy's Rock in front of the resort we stayed in.

A final dip in the cool water before the sun finally sets.

A truly unforgettable vacation I had with my husband and I could not help but marvel at all the beautiful things that God made for us to see and enjoy. What could have made this vacation even more unforgettable? My kids. Ha ha. Romantic and dreamy as it was, I kept thinking about them most of the time. We will take them next time. =)

P.S. you can click on the pics for a bigger view.


Random Magus said...

Wow... how perfectly beautiful...

Sophiagurl said...

thank you amber for visiting, i'm glad you like the pictures =)

Dream Catcher said...

aah!! first question when the template is going to have a make over..

beautiful pics..u know i have been to a place like this..that was one of the beautiful day of my life...i ca never forget...

cotojo said...

Wonderful pictures my friend. Amazing how it jogs the memory and reminds me of happy days as a child. My father was serving in the Royal Navy and got posted to Mauritius for 3 years and the whole family went, followed by a few months in East Africa. Memories are so vivid, and when you see such pictures you are suddenly transported back in time.
But the stories we could all tell :o)
God be with you and your family, and next time take the kids too lol.

louann said...

I love Boracay. I don't mind going every year, that's why we will be bringing the kids in December. CAn't wait.
Love your pictures.

Jan Pieter Marbun said...

What a beautiful place, reminds me to my home town at Toba Lake.

Did you ever heard Toba Lake?

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Dream Catcher - is it really that ugly? i think i'm kinda liking the color pink=) and i can't seem to find a template the appeals to me in the links jeevy sent me =(

@@@Cotojo - wow Mauritius! that is a dream place to be! a really enchanting and beautiful place. =) i would love to visit a place like that someday. yes beautiful places transports us in time...a special place we go when the hustle and bustle of city life gets too much to bear. thanks for sharing=)

@@@Louann - yes don't you just love the place?! we're taking the kids on our anniversary. hubby gets to fly there most of the time because of business. wish i could go with him all the time. thanks Louann!

@@@Pieter - Hi Pieter, I have not yet heard of Toba Lake, but I did google search it =) it looks like a very beautiful lake. This place reminds me of the Taal Lake in Tagaytay here in our country. =) thank you for sharing.

michiko said...
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michiko said...

your pictures are lovely! you should shoot more :D

Dream catcher said...

actually its hazy...:(

u will find loads of templates..n they are lovely

Sophiagurl said...

@@@Michiko - hey friend! good to have you back. I missed you. coming from you that's quite a compliment. =) thanks.

@@@Dream Catcher - tried but all i get is bandwith limit exceeded =( think i'm not meant to change the template yet...hope you can still bear with it and still come to visit. hehe.