Wednesday, June 06, 2007

and it poured...

Susie J speaks about the difference between Blessings and Joys. She says, 'Never are we closer to our true selves than we are hurting. This is where we find out who we are, what we are made of, and how the invisible presence of spirit is always carrying us through life, step by step. And God Bless the days that are full of joy and free from grief.' She says blessings could come in many forms. She says, "Many of the external things we rely on could change and disappear. True blessings come from within and cannot be taken away. And I do find comfort in that some of the greatest internal blessings will always be with me." Thank you very much of such a nice post.

The next contributor is someone close to my heart, my dad. He wants to share his post called, It's Quarter to Three. Yes people, my dad's a blogger too! and I am mighty proud of it too. He is still quite new in the blogosphere but I'm very sure he'll pick up well. Listen to his heart as he talks about his struggles in life. He asks God, "As I gaze at the image of Jesus at the cross. I ask, what is the most painfull of all? Is it the nail in your hands, or the one on your feet? Is it the crown of thorns in your head or the open flesh on your back?" ... Only by grace can we enter into this blessed bliss. Only by grace can we stand and come into thy presence.


Cotojo over at Secure your PC for the Internet and Privacy has posted these beautiful Blessings. At first I thought this blog was only about techy stuff but looking deeper one sees that there is more to it than meets the eye. Inside I see a beautiful person who is generous with his knowledge, kind and caring to others. He quotes, “If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it.” –Winston Churchill

I hope this beautiful posts will serve as inspirations in your lives as they have inspired mine. Let's keep those blessings pouring in.


SusieJ said...

Wow. That is so beautiful from your Dad! And a blogger too ... Nice.

blackpurl said...

thanks for the links... both posts were well worth reading! Thanks for the blessing.

Sophiagurl said...

hi susiej, i got my dad into the habit. i hope this will veer him away from his ailment.

thank you blackpurl for the visit. you are very much welcome to share your blessings and i will post it here.

cotojo said...

Thank you for your very kind comments. My blog is mainly a bit techy but I also have my human side too, and having seen enough death and destruction it's nice to know that on the internet we do not have the barriers that seem to exist elsewhere.
Hope to see more Blessings joining your post :o)
God Bless and keep you all safe

Rajeev said...

nice blog buddy!:)
I will be back for more!!
I have my last exam today!

peace & love

Sophiagurl said...

hi jeevy, thank you for visiting. good luck in your exams.